“I went for help with neck and upper back problems and now feel 5 years younger.”

Alex Hiam


“Rachel’s approach has saved me from an operation and has enabled me to recover from aches and pains that I might otherwise have accepted as inevitable ageing. What a difference she has made.”

Melanie Walters


“I’ve tuned into what my body needs, collected new movements that bring harmony, strength and repair to my body.” 

Emily Esp


Physiotherapy through movement

Founded in human evolution

Make the most of the body you’re in, for more of the life you want!

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One to One

One to One

Giving you time to be listened to, time to be heard and be treated as a whole person. I’m gentle but effective and with me, it’s not going to hurt. My hands on, movement based approach will restore your health and make the most of the body you're in.

Simply Move!™ online course

Simply Move!™ online course

In your own time and space, move as you’re naturally designed. Gain strength, flexibility, balance with every move you make, for a life without pain and stiffness. Founded in human evolution, your whole body in 8 videos.



In person & virtual courses restoring confidence to move away from pain and stiffness. Reconnect with your body in everything you do, with every move you make. Feel strong, fit and dextrous; safely, intuitively and progressively.

Move as you're naturally designed

Meet Rachel ~ Live more of the life you love, with the body you're in.

Moving as you’re naturally designed with confidence and ease, is everything I’m about. I’ve chosen a different path to live and work by. It’s centred around treating your body in response to how it moves and feels.


Listening to your body, to give it what it needs through the way you hold yourself, breathe and move has never been so vital. In our hectic, device centred world we’ve never been so busy not moving!


Yet it’s through movement we evolved to be what we are today. Our ancestors didn’t look for ways to exercise to be strong, lithe and dextrous. They were because of the way they HAD to live, to survive. We can do the same by reconnecting with ourselves through movement, our senses and the natural world, as an integral part of our life.

Simply Move!™ online course

Move as you’re naturally designed. Your whole body in 8 videos.
In your own time and space. 

~ Believe in your body again. Move with ease and confidence as you’re naturally designed, away from pain, recurring injury and stiffness. 


~ Simply Move!™ is Physiotherapy led movement as you’re naturally designed, to live in tune with your body, restoring strength, flexibility and resilience.


~ It’s the culmination of all my expertise specialising in human movement, gained from studying human evolution, my Master’s degree in Sport Science and leadership in the NHS. 


~ However, it’s the 1000’s of people I’ve observed, listened to and worked with that underpins my Simply Move!™ programme.


~ Self-Guided. Practical. Progressive.


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