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Not your typical Physiotherapist

I have chosen a different path to live by and work by. It’s safe, simple and effective regardless of one’s age or state of health resulting from injury, surgery, illness or disease. It is all about reconnecting mind, body and soul. Nurturing stronger intuition, attuning how we live and move with the way we breathe and connect with the natural world. Living in harmony with the needs of our mind and body, through all the phases of the year is nourishing and replenishing. This enables us to flourish and thrive resulting in greater strength, flexibility, balance control and clearer headspace. Ultimately this brings about greater confidence and belief in our bodies, to live more of the life we want, for longer.

My life is my gym…

It is now a natural part of who I am, to tune in, recognise and respond to what my body is telling me it needs.  I strengthen and flex my joints and muscles as I go about my day, whatever I am doing. Where there is a deficit, I gently repeat those movements I need, to help restore what I lack. It is the consistency of these small, safe, repeated restorative and replenishing postures, movements and exercises that enable me to live my life with strength, flexibility and confidence. My life is my gym so to speak.

What it is to be human…

This way of living is more akin to that of my predecessors, pre the industrial revolution. They didn’t have to look for ways to exercise, to be strong and lithe and dextrous because the way they had to live ensured that this was the end result. Life was their gym as they moved three dimensionally, gathering supplies, hunting, foraging for food and materials. They lived according to the season, number of daylight hours and weather conditions. They did not live and move in the same way, at the same time of day, for the same length of time, week in week out, month after month. For them, there was a time to be active and productive and as importantly, a time to pause, reflect and recharge, both mentally and physically.

In the western world this balance between mind and body and its connection with the natural world, is eroding. Our lives while busy, are increasingly more urbanised, digitalised, movement limited, two dimensional and instinct deprived. More than ever our worlds revolve around sitting and staring at screens, with less and less time outside responding to the power of the natural world, for our mind and body to flourish and thrive.

My personal experience…

This perspective and lifestyle choice evolved after years, plagued with my own aches and pains, niggles and annoyances in my body. I was also challenged with disproportionately low energy levels at various points in my life.  I took to the gym and exercise classes, pushing myself to be stronger, fitter more flexible, more “everything” as I believed I should, to fix my body. However, it didn’t necessarily help the problems I faced. In fact, I often felt wearier and sorer than I did invigorated and strong. Then I discovered, as I watched myself (and my clients) how often I held myself stiff and taut, holding my breath and tension in my body as I attempted to gain strength, fitness and flexibility. Ironically, my attempts for a healthier body, resulted in minimal gains at best, with injury and despondency at worst.

Rewiring beliefs about exercise…

I wanted to understand why what I was doing wasn’t working. Underpinning my physiotherapy training was the knowledge that to build strength and fitness, it was necessary to push the body beyond its baseline levels of fitness and strength. This research based physiological principal is in essence, correct. However, when you look more closely at this research, much of the exercise principles employed today are extrapolated from the results of young fit male military personnel, who were recruited for these initial studies.

Needless to say, most of us do not fit into this category of recruits and yet the concepts of how we should exercise based on these results, are STILL hard wired into our brains. The old “no pain no gain” adage; push hard, push long, just keep going regardless of what your body is telling you. We rarely stop to question why and is this right for me? In reality, what I was doing at the gym and in the exercise classes was exceeding my reserves, my capacity and my confidence levels. Hence the weary, sore, depleted feeling I experienced afterwards.

Choose a different path…

But it doesn’t have to be like that. You too can choose a different path. I relish how empowering this mindset shift has been for me. It’s a happier place to be, being more comfortable in my skin, more accepting of the body that’s mine, as it ages and changes shape. It didn’t happen overnight but it was well worth the time patience and acceptance that it took.

Have belief in your body again…

Having the opportunity to share and support others in this mindset shift and lifestyle choice, to see people regain belief in their own body, is still the highlight of my professional life.

So if you would like to reconnect your mind and body, be more in tune with the rhythm of your body and live a more intuitive life with belief in your body, it would be my pleasure to start this journey with you, today.

My Professional Career

I qualified as a physiotherapist in 1989 at Teesside University. I began my career in the NHS gaining a broad experience across the field of physiotherapy. I worked in a number of large teaching hospitals including Nottingham City Hospital, Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Northern General Hospital Sheffield and the John Radcliffe Hospital Oxford all of which ensured I was under the supervision of many highly skilled physiotherapists and doctors.
Further afield, I worked at The Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, a large teaching hospital in Sydney Australia. 

Additionally, I enhanced my skills attaining a Masters degree in Sports Science (MSc) at Loughborough University. My MSc gave me extensive experience with sports injuries and movement dysfunction. It was while studying for my Masters that my fascination with how the body functions more efficiently and operates more effortlessly, began.

I utilised my studies clinically while gaining invaluable experience at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital where I was Superintendent Physiotherapist for the physiotherapy out-patient department. As part of my role, I was an Upper Limb Clinical Specialist, working closely with the Orthopaedic Consultants Stuart Hay and Cormac Kelly. I also implemented the staffing of physiotherapy clinics within the hospital’s fracture and orthopaedic clinics.

I have also run clinics at the Shrewsbury Club, formerly the Welti Health and Fitness Club.

In 2003 I decided to pursue my career independently and set up my own private practice, Rachel Kili Physiotherapy. And this is where I find myself today, relishing the opportunity to support you in regaining your health. For you to live more of the life you live, by believing in your body today, for all your tomorrows.

Rachel Kili Physiotherapy
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Back to full capacity

With her exclusive understanding and working knowledge on the “way to move” she was able to listen, understand and convey to me the way forward to resolving my problem and prevent repercussions. Soon I was back to full capacity with the confidence of knowing how to avoid any further exacerbations.
My lifestyle was also addressed and changes made to allow me to continue my life.
K. Finnigan
K. Finnigan

A deep understanding of the mechanisms causing pain

I have found her to be exceptional in all areas not only does she have a deep understanding of the mechanisms causing pain and injury but she is able to explain very clearly movements and exercises to treat and prevent harm. She has a special interest in headache and has been able to improve my headache when all other avenues had failed. I can thoroughly recommend her.
Dr P. Lucas
Dr P. Lucas