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Rachel Kili Physiotherapy

Not your typical Physiotherapist

Your whole body matters as the incredible interconnected entity that it is. 


How your whole body moves and feels is an integral part of how I’ll help you, get back to the life you love. I’m gentle but effective and with me, it’s not going to hurt.


My 14 years’ experience working in the NHS and my Masters degree in Sport Science, established my passion and expertise with how the body is designed to move efficiently and effortlessly.


However, it’s the 1000’s of patients I’ve treated that has given me my extensive knowledge of overcoming movement dysfunction, pain and injury. 


I connect how we treat our body with how our body responds and feels.


We are designed to thrive as our ancestors have shown us. TO THRIVE is determined by our ability to breathe and move freely with strength, dexterity and confidence.  It is this concept that is the foundation upon which my physiotherapy practice is based. 


I call this concept Simply Move!.


Simply Move!™ is about…

  • reconnecting your mind and body  
  • tuning into the rhythm of your body
  • moving intuitively and instinctively
  • with efficient effective healthy movement

Make life your gym…

It’s now a natural part of who I am to tune in, recognise and respond to the needs of my body. This builds my strength, flexibility and fitness safely, intuitively and effectively.


And I’ll do the same with you. You will regain confidence to believe in your body again through restorative and replenishing postures, movements and exercises. You will be strong again, fit again, to walk the hills, dig the garden or simply move freely unhindered by pain and injury. Regardless of your age or state of health due to injury, surgery, illness or disease, you too can make life your gym. Make the most of the body you’re in with my Simply Move!™ concept. 


What it is to be human…

This way of living is more akin to that of our predecessors, pre the industrial revolution. They didn’t have to look for ways to exercise, to be strong and lithe and dextrous because how lived made it happen. Life was their gym as they moved three dimensionally, gathering supplies, hunting, foraging for food and materials.


They lived according to the season, daylight hours and weather conditions. They did not live and move in the same way, at the same time of day, for the same length of time, week in week out, month after month. There was a time to be active and productive and as importantly, a time to pause, reflect and recharge, both mentally and physically. Spending long periods of time sitting was not how they thrived.


In the western world this mind – body balance and its connection with the natural world, is eroding. Our lives while busy, are increasingly urbanised, device driven, movement limited and instinct deprived.

My personal experience…

The realisation that this fast paced disconnected western lifestyle, was in fact a far cry from the evolutionary journey of our ancestors, was pivotal to transforming my physiotherapy practice and my health. For years my body had been plagued with aches and pains, niggles and annoyances. I was also challenged with disproportionately low energy levels at various points in my life. 


I took to the gym and exercise classes, pushing myself to be stronger, fitter more flexible, more “everything” as I believed I should, to fix my body. However, it didn’t help the problems I faced. In fact, I often felt wearier and sorer than I did invigorated and strong. Then I discovered, as I watched myself (and my clients) how often I held myself stiff and taut, holding my breath and tension in my body as I attempted to gain strength, fitness and flexibility. Ironically, my attempts for a healthier body, resulted in minimal gains at best, with injury and despondency at worst.


Rewiring beliefs about exercise…

I wanted to understand why what I was doing wasn’t working. The foundations underlying my physiotherapy training was the knowledge that to build strength and fitness, it was necessary to push the body beyond its baseline levels of fitness and strength. This research based physiological principal is in essence, correct. However, when you look more closely at this research, much of the exercise principles employed today are extrapolated from the results of young fit male military personnel, who were recruited for these initial studies.


Needless to say, most of us do not fit into this category of recruits and yet the concepts of how we should exercise, based on these results, are STILL hard wired into our brains. The old “no pain no gain” adage; push hard, push long, just keep going regardless of what your body is telling you. We rarely stop to question why or is this right for me? In reality, what I was doing at the gym and in exercise classes was exceeding my reserves, my capacity and my confidence levels. Hence the weary, sore, depleted feeling I experienced afterwards.


Believe in your body again…

My Simply Move!™ concept reconnects mind and body, tuning into the rhythm of your body, to move with freedom away from pain. It has transformed my health along with 1000’s of my clients because of its safe, intuitive and effective approach.


Simply Move!™ is the bridge connecting how you are designed to thrive in a hectic, device driven, movement limited world.


Seeing people regain belief in their body again, is still the highlight of my professional life.


Contact me today to believe in your body again. 

Overview Of My Professional Career

Underpinning my physiotherapy expertise today is a wide and varied career path both within the UK’s NHS and Australia. Having qualified at Teesside University in 1989, I went on to work in a large number of teaching hospitals including Nottingham City Hospital, Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Northern General Hospital Sheffield and the John Radcliffe Hospital Oxford and The Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney, Australia.


This culminated in my position as Superintendent Physiotherapist for the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital Physiotherapy outpatient department, leading a team of 17 staff including clinical and administrative personnel. As Upper Limb Clinical Specialist I established and expanded physiotherapy services within Consultant Orthopaedic and fracture clinics as well as GP medical practices. At the formerly named Welti Health and Fitness Club, now The Shrewsbury Club, I also established and ran physiotherapy clinics.


However it was while studying for my Masters degree in Sports Science at Loughborough University, my passion and expertise with how the body functions efficiently and effortlessly, began. My MSc gave me extensive experience with sports injuries and movement dysfunction and the associated psychological impact of living with pain and ill health. It was then I realised, without connecting how you treat your body with how your body responds and feels, limits any long term health benefits and the ability to thrive.


With this wealth of experience I wanted the freedom:

  • to share this knowledge and give people time to be heard and time to be treated as a whole person, gently but effectively.
  • To explore and rethink their hectic, device driven, movement limited life to overcome pain, recover from injury and restore freedom with the way they moved and lived.

So to do this, I left the NHS in 2003 to set up my rural physiotherapy practice, near Shrewsbury Shropshire. 


It would be my pleasure to start this safe, intuitive and effective journey with you too.

Rachel Kili Physiotherapy
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About Me

Back to full capacity

With her exclusive understanding and working knowledge on the “way to move” she was able to listen, understand and convey to me the way forward to resolving my problem and prevent repercussions. Soon I was back to full capacity with the confidence of knowing how to avoid any further exacerbations.
My lifestyle was also addressed and changes made to allow me to continue my life.
K. Finnigan
K. Finnigan

A deep understanding of the mechanisms causing pain

I have found her to be exceptional in all areas not only does she have a deep understanding of the mechanisms causing pain and injury but she is able to explain very clearly movements and exercises to treat and prevent harm. She has a special interest in headache and has been able to improve my headache when all other avenues had failed. I can thoroughly recommend her.
Dr P. Lucas
Dr P. Lucas