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June blog 2019 Breathe for life

  Breathing. Probably one of the most undervalued and overlooked aspects of our health. Its relevance to our state of mind and its influence on how our bodies function, is largely ignored and underrated. Despite this indifference it is, along with the beating of our heart, the most important and vital ...

0 | Breathe for life, Breathing, Breathing exercises, Lungs
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May 2019 Blog: Managing your health in times of grief.

A close family relative unexpectedly passed away recently, necessitating my family and I to drop everything and hop on a long-haul flight for their funeral. Now we're back home and the sense of detachment and disorientation is more acute than ever. The act of busying oneself is helpful to ...

4 | Grief, Grief and exercise
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April blog 2019: My top 5 Spring exercises!

  Our spring days are longer brighter and warmer now and with it can come more dynamic, prolonged and varied movements and activities for our bodies. All of which I would positively encourage you to do. However, have a thought for whether your body is as ready as your mind and ...

1 | balance, be ready, body, exercise, feel invigorated, invest in your health, just do it, little and often, mind and body refresh, Motivation for exercise, Move your body, top tips for a healthy Spring
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March blog 2019 We are designed to rest!

If you read this and think 'I've no time to rest' you, of all people need to rest and if rest means an excuse to move less and sit more, then you too need to read this! Rest means a change, a break, a respite from what you are doing. ...

10 | benefit of rest, feel invigorated, invest in your health, Maintaining energy, Recovery from illness
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February 2019 Taking up sport in later life.

Life can be full of surprises and opportunities, sometimes showing up when we're not expecting them. Recently life has done just that to me, through my daughter taking up tennis and absolutely loving it. Wrapped up in all that enthusiasm it turns out she is rather good. I used to ...

6 | growing older, little and often, perspective in aging, Prepare your body, Progressing and grading exercise
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January 2019 blog: Fill the gap when days are short and nights are long!

We've had just over a couple of months of short days and long nights. Though for some it may feel a great deal longer than that.  For many, the idea of hibernating brings utter joy while for others it can bring a sense of despondency, disorientation and loss. The often grey ...

0 | exercise, feel invigorated, Fit for winter, invest in your health, Maintain a healthy lifestyle, Motivation for exercise
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December blog 2018. We are designed to extend!

As part of our human evolutionary history, our bodies needed to extended and lengthen. This enabled us to reach for things that would otherwise be out of reach and to propel spears and weapons for us to survive and to climb up, along and over obstacles in search of food ...

2 | back pain, feel invigorated, healthy posture, invest in your health, Maintain a healthy lifestyle, shoulders, stretch out, stretching
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November blog 2018 We’re designed to lift heavy weights

We are designed to lift heavy weights as a part of living healthily. If you think back to how our ancestors would have lived pre 1950s, pushing, pulling, lifting and moving heavy things would have been integral to our daily lives. When performed for short spells (NOT ALL DAY LONG) ...

2 | Lifting weight, Safe lifting for health
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October Blog 2018 Be ready for the change in season!

The sea change with summer morphing to autumn is upon us. I am mentally refreshed from the summer break but a little sluggish with the old physical jerks due to the disruption of my usual routine. It's getting the balance right that can be so challenging. Sometimes we get it just ...

2 | be ready, exercise, feel invigorated, invest in your health, just do it, little and often, Maintain a healthy lifestyle, mind and body refresh, Motivation for exercise, Prepare your body
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July Blog 2018 Use the unused fitness equipment you own!

Continuing from last month's blog on the home gym, this month I am offering thoughts around all that unused fitness equipment you may have lurking around your home. Free weights, a skipping rope, hula hoop, swiss ball, frisbee, theraband, tennis ball are just some of the items my clients tell ...

6 | exercise, feel invigorated, Home gym, invest in your health, just do it, little and often, Maintain a healthy lifestyle, Motivation for exercise, Move your body
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One to One

Looking at how your whole body interacts with itself

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Simply Move!

Keeping exercise simple and making looking after yourself easy and fun

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Simply Fit!

Improving your cardiovascular fitness and strength

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