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January 2021 Keep moving what you can keep moving!

Yes we are in lockdown again, yes it's tough and yes our bodies maybe grumbling more than we would like or maybe we are grumbling at our bodies and how they look and feel! But no, that doesn't mean we give up and no it doesn't mean we can't be proactive ...

4 | Aches and pains, agility, be ready, exercise, Hope, invest in your health, just do it, little and often, Maintain a healthy lifestyle, mind and body refresh, Motivation for exercise, Move your body
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November 2020 blog – Not so strong and a lot more tired. Is it only me?

Here we are in November in a year where time has often felt, somehow abstract and disjointed. For many, our time doesn't feel so familiar. We have more time to do some regular things in our lives and yet less or no time or opportunity for others. It's all disorientating ...

11 | agility, arm strength, be ready, buttocks, Core strengthening, invest in your health, Move your body, Muscle weakness, simply move
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May 2020 The benefits of walking on your toes.

There is much to be gained from moving and walking in terms of improvements to our mental and physical health. However, we can move and walk about freely and repeatedly inside and out, without purposefully challenging our bodies in ways that could advance our toe, foot and ankle strength, flexibility and ...

4 | agility, ankle pain, balance, exercise, healthy posture, joint pain, Move your body, Stiffness, strength, toes, walking
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February blog 2020 Effectiveness of free-flow movement

Continuing on from last month where I approached the issue of rethinking your exercise regime, this month I am considering how you actually approach and perform exercise and activities. Use the examples below to ascertain if your exercising or activities are faintly disguised military assaults on your body. Try to ...

0 | agility, invest in your health, little and often, Maintain a healthy lifestyle, mind and body refresh, Move your body, Prepare your body, Progressing and grading exercise, Stretch for strength
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October blog 2019 Move your body three dimensionally!

We are three dimensional dynamically diverse beings. However, our western culture is mutating us into repetitive two dimensional chair-shaped inerts. You may defensively mutter at your screen that you walk, you cycle, you potter, you garden, you stretch, you run and ride horses. And yes you may well do all ...

2 | agility, healthy posture, invest in your health, Maintain a healthy lifestyle, Move your body
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July blog 2019 Let’s Move it! Move it!

  "Schooooools out for summer..."  So here we are in the middle of the summer regardless of whether the weather is our friend or not!  Here are some of my current favourite exercises to keep our bodily parts more limber and lithe. Give them a go to uncover possible imbalances between your ...

0 | agility, buttocks, Core strengthening, exercise, feel invigorated, healthy posture, hip pain, invest in your health, just do it, Maintain a healthy lifestyle, mind and body refresh, Move your body, Muscle weakness, shoulders, strength, tone up
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April 2106 Walking walking walking!

  I am just back from a weekend in London. It really is the most remarkable city full of energy diversity and history. To fully embrace all that London can offer, vast amounts of walking are required. Even with my two small children, the distance walked can be considerable.    You realise ...

2 | agility, balance, be ready, strength, stretch out, walking
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November 2015 There is a jogger in us all! Really.

  Oh I can hear your cogs a-turning as some of you think "this month's not for me then". Aha! Do not be fooled my friends, this applies to everyone who can stand on their own two feet and stride out without an unsteady shuffle in their legs. It doesn't matter about ...

4 | agility, confidence, jogging, running, strength
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December 2014 Blog – Improving Your balance!

December is here and everywhere is twinkling and jingling! So, for the grand finale of 2014 we are going to transform your balance.     Do you look at this picture and think “gone are the days I would scamper across this terrain without a care in the world?” I have ...

0 | agility, balance, blog, body, exercise, toes
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One to One

Looking at how your whole body interacts with itself

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Simply Move!

Keeping exercise simple and making looking after yourself easy and fun

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Simply Fit!

Improving your cardiovascular fitness and strength

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