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managing acute injuries

December 2016 Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow or as it is medically termed 'lateral epicondylitis' i.e. inflammation (itis) on the outer (lateral)  bony point (epicondyle) of your elbow. Confusingly, this phrase is used as an umbrellla term for many pains arising around the elbow. Hence, if people look up the condition on Dr Google and ...

8 | elbow, Inflamation, joint pain, managing acute injuries, strength, stretching, Tennis elbow, tightness, weakness, wrists
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October 2015 Returning to Sport and exercise after an injury

ON YOUR MARKS! If you wish to maintain your ability to exercise, to continue your choice of sport or any activity that requires strength and some degree of fitness HEED THE WORDS  OF THIS BLOG!! If you were an Olympian  and you had suffered any injury that could curtail your future ...

0 | exercise, managing acute injuries, pain, Progressing and grading exercise, Returning to exercise after injury, Strains and sprains
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September Blog – Managing acute sprains and strains!

During my professional career I would say this subject creates more questions than most other conditions because of the conflicting advice people receive. Echoing around me are cries of: Do I ice it do I heat it? Do I rest it do I move it?  When or rather should I get back ...

4 | Ice and heat, Inflamation, managing acute injuries, Muscle spasm, pain, Strains and sprains
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June 2015 Blog: Restoring health to your elbows!

On a note of optimism since June is here and summer may follow, I bid you all a warm and summery welcome to this month's blog dedicated to your elbows. They're very useful when they work but very annoying when they don't. Typically elbow pain is not necessarily related to a ...

8 | elbow, healthy posture, managing acute injuries, stretching, tightness
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One to One

Looking at how your whole body interacts with itself

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Simply Move!

Keeping exercise simple and making looking after yourself easy and fun

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Simply Fit!

Improving your cardiovascular fitness and strength

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