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January 2016 Everything aches! Is it only me?

A warm, if a little wet, Happy New Year to one and all!  Deep breath, clean slate, let's give it another go... If you are one of the many people who finds themselves thinking, "Everything hurts!" or " Which bit aches today?" my aim this month is to give you some ...

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October 2015 Returning to Sport and exercise after an injury

ON YOUR MARKS! If you wish to maintain your ability to exercise, to continue your choice of sport or any activity that requires strength and some degree of fitness HEED THE WORDS  OF THIS BLOG!! If you were an Olympian  and you had suffered any injury that could curtail your future ...

0 | exercise, managing acute injuries, pain, Progressing and grading exercise, Returning to exercise after injury, Strains and sprains
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September Blog – Managing acute sprains and strains!

During my professional career I would say this subject creates more questions than most other conditions because of the conflicting advice people receive. Echoing around me are cries of: Do I ice it do I heat it? Do I rest it do I move it?  When or rather should I get back ...

4 | Ice and heat, Inflamation, managing acute injuries, Muscle spasm, pain, Strains and sprains
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May 2015 Blog: Remember to pause, breathe and straighten up!

It’s May and the green of the newly sprouted leaves on the trees and hedgerows is almost too green to believe; so bright and fresh, bursting with life. If you feel a long, long way from this sense of being, what’s in store this month might help just a little.   Life ...

0 | back pain, neck, pain, shoulders
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January 2015 Blog – Strengthening Weak Ankles

Welcome to January 2015’s blog and a very warm Happy New Year to you all! It’s a frosty morning as I write this and the sun is starting to make all that it touches sparkle. The icy, rough and churned up ground is the perfect back drop for this month’s ...

1 | ankle pain, blog, exercise, exercise classes, pain, weakness
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November 2014 Blog – Addressing Weak Knees!

Ahh, November! Remember remember. My focus this month is your knees. Knees are probably one of the commonest areas of the body that people experience problems with either directly or indirectly. Directly because you tell me ‘my knees hurt’, indirectly because time and time again an integral part of rehabilitation, for ...

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October 2014 Blog – Focusing on Shoulders

Hello again! Goodness each month comes around so soon don’t you think? So here we are with your shoulders under scrutiny. An insidious but annoyingly grumbly part of the body they can be too. But as with other areas of your body, knowing how you use them and to understand ...

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September 2014 Blog – A Pain in the Neck!

Rachel Kili Physiotherapy Blog! Simply September Hello and welcome! This month I am focusing on your neck; how best to look after it, why it may be hurting and ideas to try to put things right. Yes it’s been raining, a little, and when it does because it does occasionally, we are ...

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One to One

Looking at how your whole body interacts with itself

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Simply Move!

Keeping exercise simple and making looking after yourself easy and fun

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Simply Fit!

Improving your cardiovascular fitness and strength

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