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March blog 2020 Avoiding avoidance tactics to exercise!

Most of us have our favourite exercises to which we easily default. We often like to do them because an easy option feels, well, like an easy option. What I am challenging you to this month (as well as to myself) is to think about an exercise which you regularly ...

2 | exercise, feel invigorated, Home gym, invest in your health, just do it, Maintain a healthy lifestyle, mind and body refresh, Motivation for exercise, Move your body, perspective, Prepare your body, Progressing and grading exercise
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February Blog 2016: Everthing hurts but I know what to do!

Part two of Everything hurts, is it only me? This month I will show you where to start your journey in keeping your body doing what you want it to do, more comfortably and for longer. Before we start you need to BE MINDFUL that keeping your body in better check ...

8 | Aches and pains, exercise, growing older, healthy posture, little and often, perspective, perspective in aging, walking
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One to One

Looking at how your whole body interacts with itself

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Simply Move!

Keeping exercise simple and making looking after yourself easy and fun

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Simply Fit!

Improving your cardiovascular fitness and strength

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