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Returning to exercise after injury

April 2021 – Be fit for the life you lead – life after lockdown Part 2

In this blog I am laying out how to prepare your body for a return to the longed for opening up of our worlds. The last thing you want to feel is you are having to haul your body around OR ignore what it's telling you, as you plough on regardless. ...

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January blog 2020 Rethinking your exercise regime.

New beginnings give the opportunity to pause, give yourself space to reflect on where you are, where you are aiming for and how you want to get there. Don’t dive in and just start. This opens you up to ignoring vital signs your body is warning you of OR missing ...

8 | Maintain a healthy lifestyle, mind and body refresh, Motivation for exercise, Move your body, Progressing and grading exercise, Returning to exercise after injury
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December blog 2019 Progressing exercises

Last month I shared the issues I was having with my arm strength and associated aches and pains. As my arm strength has improved so the pain has lessened. The pain is still there but I can do more, load more weight and stretch out further before the pain begins. ...

4 | little and often, Muscle weakness, Progressing and grading exercise, rehabilitation, Returning to exercise after injury, shoulders, Strains and sprains, strength, Tennis elbow
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May 2018 Treating persistent ankle pain

"Weak ankles, stiff ankles, sprained ankles, it's my bad ankle" are descriptions I hear a lot because the ankle is such a frequently injured body part. Just because it's a frequently injured body part doesn't make it a lesser injury or indeed something that necessarily recovers quickly. It can need ...

2 | ankle pain, balance, Healthy toes and feet, Returning to exercise after injury, Strains and sprains, toes
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October 2015 Returning to Sport and exercise after an injury

ON YOUR MARKS! If you wish to maintain your ability to exercise, to continue your choice of sport or any activity that requires strength and some degree of fitness HEED THE WORDS  OF THIS BLOG!! If you were an Olympian  and you had suffered any injury that could curtail your future ...

0 | exercise, managing acute injuries, pain, Progressing and grading exercise, Returning to exercise after injury, Strains and sprains
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One to One

Looking at how your whole body interacts with itself

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Simply Move!

Keeping exercise simple and making looking after yourself easy and fun

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Simply Fit!

Improving your cardiovascular fitness and strength

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