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December 2014 Blog – Improving Your balance!

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balanceDecember is here and everywhere is twinkling and jingling! So, for the grand finale of 2014 we are going to transform your balance.

Do you look at this picture and think “gone are the days I would scamper across this terrain without a care in the world?” I have crossed this landscape but I considered each step because it was wet, uneven and covered in slippery seaweed.

However, never accept it’s just one of those things if your balance isn’t what it was. Even if it is as a result of a specific medical condition you can still improve it. Now that is what I call exciting! Before you say it I know, my husband has already mentioned I should get out more….but think of the possibilities; activities you could do with less jarring on your body, greater agility and far far greater confidence. What’s not to love?

The warning signs that your balance is ebbing include:

  • Holding or starting to look for the bannister climbing or descending steps
  • Needing to sit to put underwear or socks or shoes on
  • Choosing to avoid walking on uneven or rough surfaces
  • Automatically reaching out to hold something if you wobble or lose your balance

Try these Christmas treats from my dedicated festive Stickmen: They are for everyone of all ages and all abilities, before the sun is over the yard arm……….

Treat one

Stand on one leg where you feel safe and can easily put your foot down. If you can do this easily move your arms about and look around. Now try doing it standing on your toes (on one leg).

How does this compare to your other leg?






Treat two

If you can stand on one leg, on your toes and feel pretty confident, try adding in a squat. That will test the best of you especially those of you who are thinking ‘this month doesn’t relate to me!!’

How does this compare to your other leg?

No cheating!!

1.    Ensure that your arms are loose and moving about.

2.    Keep looking around DON’T fix your eyes on one spot.

Teaching yourself to regain your balance by wobbling and waving your arms about (you may wish to choose your location for practice wisely) while looking around, ensures that your brain is prepared for what usually happens when you start to fall i.e. your arms and head move about. Your brain recognises this and having established muscle memory responds by you wobbling effectively with a greater likelihood of you righting yourself.

If you teach yourself to hold your balance by staring at one spot with your arms tight to your body you are training yourself to be rigid and a rigid body is more likely to not only fall, but to fall hard.

Even if you do the exercises and your balance doesn’t appear to improve, what you will have done is avoided deteriorating further. That in itself is worth hanging onto.

Remember – Keep practicing, little and often and never give up. Wobble is good…..!

Ok, that’s all folks. I look forward to catching up with you all in the New Year with your ankles in the dock.

Wishing you all peace and good cheer this Christmas.


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