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February Blog 2016: Everthing hurts but I know what to do!

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Move breathe and stretchPart two of Everything hurts, is it only me? This month I will show you where to start your journey in keeping your body doing what you want it to do, more comfortably and for longer.

Before we start you need to BE MINDFUL that keeping your body in better check is all about PERSPECTIVE. This month’s image is that of an intrepid worm’s.


If you have written your list of how you move your body through the activities of your day and can see which bits you always move and which bits you rarely do, THEN I SALUTE YOU! What an achievement. If the list is only in your head, that is a great start but you need to commit it to the written form. The written form requires focus and specificity from your brain to ascertain your movement patterns and habits. You then have it to refer back to and may one day make a fortune out of the royalties.

If there are specific joints or areas of your body that need working on, you may wish to refer to previous blogs I have written which go into more detail. If however, it feels literally, that EVERYTHING HURTS this is where to begin.


Number One: Straighten up tall!

Look at how you hold your body when you sit, when you stand and when you walk about. Be really picky and maybe if you can face it, ask someone else to observe you and assess which permutation of wonky your body has embraced. Do you lean to one side, lean forwards or remain slumped, put more weight on one leg than the other, have one shoulder or arm hitched up? It could be any (or all…) of the above. Unless you know your degree of wonkiness, how can you attempt to influence it?

For some of you, your bodily mutations will have been with you for some time. The likelihood of evolving back to the ‘good old days’ maybe somewhat ambitious. HOWEVER MY BLOGLODITES, the act of trying will at best take the strain off the weaker spots and in time help you feel a whole lot better OR AT WORST stop or slow your body from mutating further still.

So start gently and for a few seconds at a time sit up, stand up, walk up tall! Embrace my favourite obsession, squeezing your buttocks and lengthen your back drawing the base of you skull away from your tail bone, shoulders down and breathe. Be gentle. Never push into pain or increase any pain you have started with. Repeat repetitions repeatedly throughout the day. Be repetitious, repetitiously. Are you receiving me, loud and clear?

If you had a tally chart it may peak at 20-30 tallies a day. Those 20-30 tallies a day for a few seconds a pop, cumulatively amount to minutes which in time could become hours of strengthening your core postural muscles. They scaffold and protect your joints. NOT ONLY THAT but for those few precious seconds, you are off loading the weary bits that are being made to work overtime, without so much as a hint of time in lieu to look forward to. Now I have your attention, I can feel the vibration of your excitement and anticipation at the very thought of this great wonder.

Stop vibrating and act, act now; squeeze those luscious buttocks and lengthen the base of your skull skywards and BREATHE MY FRIENDS, BREATHE! Don’t stop now, repeat as you stand up from reading this and then keep checking in as you walk away, as you stand to talk to someone, eat with someone or if you remain seated at your computer keep totting up those tallies.

Number Two: Go for a walk!

Use that pert bottom and lovely straight back as you place one foot in front of the other and go for a walk. Swing your arms, walk tall, breathe. Start with 10 minutes round the block if it really has been that long or that is all the time you have. Gradually increase the time and speed. If you regularly walk anyway, pick up the pace a smidge so it’s more bracing than tame, but still comfortable. Take in a hill or increase the distance and aim to do it EVERYDAY!

HOWEVER FAR YOU GO, make it count. Feel tingly and finish with the sense that it had purpose and value to your health.

Number Three: Stretch!


Stretching Properly


Stretch out and raise your arms (even if you are sitting down right now)

Stretch up tall

Squeeze your bum and breathe.






Twist Your Knees
Lie on the floor and roll knees right and left

Turn your head away from your knees

Breathe and smile…!





How to cross your legsSit on the floor (or a plump cushion if it’s easier) and cross your legs

Then sit to the side with legs to your right and then to the left

Raise your eyebrows. Why not…?






row of sticks

Bend to the left and then to the right


Clench those buttocks…






Take stock and take responsiblity. It’s your body with all that life and you, have thrown at it. You can make positive changes, small though they may be to begin with, but positive nontheless.You will have good days and then days when it feels it’s just too much. The latter may run on a bit but take a deep breath and remember tomorrow is another day. It doesn’t matter how many times you feel like that or how many times you have to start again.

What does matter, is that you did.

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8 Responses to February Blog 2016: Everthing hurts but I know what to do!

  1. Elly Land says:

    Hi Rachel,

    Thanks for the blog. It is always so encouraging and a great reminder that no matter what life is throwing at us, we can take responsibility for our bodies and address those nagging aches and pains. It is all too easy to ignore them and keep “ploughing on” despite what our body might be trying to say! Your holistic approach to the health and fitness is inspiring. Will squeeze my buttocks and raise my arms in your honour!

    • Rachel Kili says:

      Thank you Elly for all your kind words. In YOUR honour I too am squeezing my buttocks and raising my arms. May the gods salute us!!


  2. sally Mitchell says:

    Rachel. Brilliant as always. Xx

    • Rachel Kili says:

      Hello Sally, great to hear from you and know that my ramblings were well received! I really appreciate your comments, thank you.

  3. Morning Rachel,
    I just want to say how much I have been enjoying your blogs. They make me smile and activate me!
    They remind me that I actually do have a body that I drag around getting me through my day….life. They trigger me to stop, think and appreciate it, rather than continuing on regardless of what it is trying hard to tell me.
    I thank you Rachel, keep up your fantastic blogs!!
    Kath x

    • Rachel Kili says:

      Hello Kath, what a lovely message to receive! It means a huge amount to know my blogs are relevant and make a difference in how you see your body. Keep smiling… and stopping and thinking and appreciating it!

  4. Liz cowburn says:

    Brilliantino! Last month I worked on getting off the loo, or out of chairs without pushing on anything, and making sure I walked more…….this month I’m concentrating on stretching up tall, remembering to clench those oh so flabby buttocks!!! So you see Rachel, you are a lady of much influence……you are making a difference, so huge thanks. You are in line for an award for services to humankind…..I will notify her majesty! Thank you so much!

    • Rachel Kili says:

      Wow Liz you are really very impressive! Fantastic achievement. Can’t wait to hear what you have achieved by next month…

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