Tune in. Connect. Move.

Learn how to believe in your body again

One to One

One to One

Giving you time to be listened to, time to be heard and be treated as a whole person. I’m gentle but effective and with me, it’s not going to hurt. My hands on, movement based approach will restore your health and make the most of the body you're in.

Simply Move!™ Online

Simply Move!™ Online

Build strength, flexibility and balance with me, at your own pace. Your whole body in 8 videos, specifically designed to be safe, intuitive and effective. Reconnect mind and body, tune in to the rhythm of your body and believe in your body again.

Classes In Person and Virtual

Classes In Person and Virtual

With me and the support of others, you'll regain confidence and belief in your body again. Make 'life your gym' as you go about your day. Be stronger, fitter, more supple and dextrous, safely, intuitively and effectively.

My Mission

Live the life you love, with the body you're in.

Choose a different path to live and work by. Gain strength, flexibility and confidence in your body, with every move you make, in everything that you do. 

Simply Move!™ Online

Believe in your body again

Simply Move!™ reconnects mind and body, to rethink how you CHOOSE to move, to restore strength, flexibility and resilience, to thrive in modern life.


All at your own pace, in your own space, on any device.


It’s the culmination of all my expertise specialising in human movement, gained from studying human evolution, my Master’s degree in Sport Science, and my leadership in the NHS. 


However, it’s the 1000’s of people I’ve observed, listened to and worked with, who have taught me so much, that underpins my Simply Move!™ programme.


Journey with me to believe in your body again moving away from pain, tension and stiffness. 


All areas of your body in 8 videos, planned as a 6 week programme with 3 months access. 


Regain confidence in how you move and feel and get back to the life you love.  

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Safe. Intuitive. Effective.

Meet Rachel Kili

How, when and why to move freely and without pain is my purpose in life. I have chosen a different path to live by and work by. It's centred on how we treat our body with how our body responds and feels. Understanding how we flourish and thrive enables us to then nourish and replenish our bodies, depleted in a hectic, device driven movement limited world. Our ancestors, in their evolutionary journey didn’t have to look for ways to exercise, to be strong and lithe and dextrous because the way they HAD to live, made it happen. Life was their gym and we can do the same.

Move as you're naturally designed, build strength, flexibility and confidence for life without pain

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