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January 2019 blog: Fill the gap when days are short and nights are long!

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Life benefits of exercise in the darkWe’ve had just over a couple of months of short days and long nights. Though for some it may feel a great deal longer than that.  For many, the idea of hibernating brings utter joy while for others it can bring a sense of despondency, disorientation and loss.

The often grey days that darken by 4 pm, brings change to all our lives.

This annual inevitability can break our momentum of joie de vivre,  creating a gap in our routine that might be more easily filled when light and weather conditions seem more on our side. Making the most of this time of year is more about mindset than anything else.

Fill the gap and use this inevitability as a change for good. Don’t wait until the weather improves, the days are warmer, longer, kinder. The longer you leave ‘filling that gap’ the longer it takes to fill that gap once the preferable conditions ARE on your side. Instead make this time of year an opportunity to bring positivity into your week. It would be so easy to think ‘Spring is just around the corner, I’ll wait until then’. My friends, there must be no waiting. The time to cherish your body and your health is NOW!

I have started to use the shorter days to find, what I have now discovered brings me sheer joy, is taking a brisk bracing walk in the dark, with my torch.

My senses to sound, smell and the wind on my skin is very different to walking in the light. After a while, I stop and turn off my torch and allow my eyes to adjust to the darkness, which quite quickly is actually not so dark.

The colour of the sky, the shape of the trees and the hills and the fences is fascinating. Forms I would miss if the light were bright. Where I knew the ground to be suitable, I made myself ‘feel with my feet’ as I stepped forwards noting how my feet and legs and whole body responded to this dark world with only the sky and the scudding clouds as my guide.

Of course this type of caper won’t necessarily appeal or be appropriate for everyone. You could however, stand outside your back door in the dark (or relative dark) and experience the effect this has on your own senses. What can you hear, see, feel and smell as you stand and stare into the darkness.

Mental health and the effect this has on our mindset determines everything that we are, how we live and how we think. Introducing something new or indeed familiar but experienced in a different way at different time, can stimulate the brain such that our mood, outlook and focus significantly improves. In so doing, how we move and hold ourselves can significantly improve as a result.

What will you introduce into your day this month that positively influences your body and mind?


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