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January 2021 Keep moving what you can keep moving!

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Don't give up on your body in lockdownYes we are in lockdown again, yes it’s tough and yes our bodies maybe grumbling more than we would like or maybe we are grumbling at our bodies and how they look and feel! But no, that doesn’t mean we give up and no it doesn’t mean we can’t be proactive and positive to make the most of the situation we are in.

In light of that, January’s blog is inspired by my attempts at breaking up my children’s homeschooling staring-at-a-screen-all-day schedule. AKA Mum’s crazy moves which are accompanied by repeated eye rolling and the various cries of “Seriously…Again…Do we have to?…”

So proud am I of my Mum’s-crazy-moves, I now do them unprompted, all by myself. Just. Because. I can. I have included them in my Simply Move! and Simply Fit programmes, as well as part of my one to one client consultations and for the purposes of completion, here they are in my blog!

To one and all I say:

Rise up, dig deep and celebrate the movement of life with Mum’s-crazy-moves!

While grooving the moves, lengthen your spine, keep your shoulders down, BREATHE, squeeze your pelvic floor and LISTEN. TO. YOUR. BODY. Hear what it’s saying and adjust your groovy moves so you remain comfortable and in control at all times to help avoid straining or hurting your body. Work on both sides of your body with each of one.

Hip and leg, body and arm stretches


1. Feet wide apart, swing arms and body as you lean over and bend a knee.


2. Bend both knees and sway body left and right with arms overhead. Keep legs still.






3. Lean body and shoulders over bent knee, lifting opposite leg  and arms upwards.


4. Step alternate leg backwards while raising both arms forwards.







5. Roll alternate shoulders and then circle arms while rotating body.


6. Raise alternate knees – up – out – down. Circle arms overhead and in front of body at same time.




Repeat each movement several times, throughout your day, especially if you have been in one position for any length of time. If you’re feeling pretty stiff and out of condition with any of these exercises, be patient and kind to yourself. Feel strong in the knowledge that you are doing something positive and important regardless of how small your movements and how few the repetitions. That’s not what’s relevant. Investing in your health by moving more and in different ways, is the relevant point here. 

While we remain predominately within the four walls of our homes, ANYTHING you can do to move more, so you can continue to move more in the years to come, I urge you to do. So don’t just click to the next page on your screen having read this, stand up and move that body to nourish and nurture it, for the freedoms that await us, just around the corner.

P.S. If you have your own crazy moves, do let me know so I can add them to my own list! Can’t wait to hear from you.

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4 Responses to January 2021 Keep moving what you can keep moving!

  1. Sylvia Greenfield says:

    This isn’t a ‘crazy move’ but I love doing the infinity sign with my arms, starting simply and then twisting, bending knees, etc etc

    • Rachel Kili says:

      Dear Sylvi
      I love that these moves are no more crazy to you than they are to me! Ha! We can take over the world Sylvi!!
      Best wishes

  2. Christine Downes says:

    Hi Rachel, what a great collection of ‘Mum’s Crazy Moves’ just right for fun and keeping us moving. I am spending more time on the computer so need a stretch frequently! Stay safe and well, as we are.

    Best wishes
    Chris Downes

    • Rachel Kili says:

      Dear Chris
      How lovely to hear from you!
      Thank you for your kind words about Mum’s Crazy Moves! Keep chipping away at stretching out more and sitting just a little bit less, whenever you can. Aim high!
      Best wishes

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