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July Blog 2018 Use the unused fitness equipment you own!

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home gym equipmentContinuing from last month’s blog on the home gym, this month I am offering thoughts around all that unused fitness equipment you may have lurking around your home. Free weights, a skipping rope, hula hoop, swiss ball, frisbee, theraband, tennis ball are just some of the items my clients tell me they already own but are either hidden in a box, on a shelf collecting dust or up in the loft.

It seems people can’t quite bring them selves to throw them out. This of course could be for several reasons but I wonder if, by throwing them out it would be akin to giving up on your health or the hope of being fitter, stronger or more flexible. Better therefore, to keep them for that ‘one day’ when there will be more time, more inclination, more energy.

Harsh truth coming up. Rarely do the stars align such that, time, inclination and energy fall into place all at the same time, for you to become a ‘new you’. Given the unreliable reliance on the stars, why not just be a healthier you, the way you are? Whatever your state of health, everyone can do something to invest in their health and be a little fitter stronger and bendier.

It doesn’t have to be a big charade, a dedicated chunk of time or an impressive array of moves and grooves (although if that is what makes you tick then go for it) BUT IT DOES HAVE TO BE. If you don’t do a little something a little often, you get a whole lot of nothing invested in your health. On the flip side if you do do a little something, a little often, over time, the accumulation of all those little deposits gives you a whole lot of dividends from your consistent and repeated investments. 

So what do you have that you may have forgotten you owned? If it’s a skipping rope and you feel your skipping days are over, use a rope to swing your arms from side to side and lunge from left to right. Like so:

skipping rope home gym exercises







hula hooping home gym exercises




Same with the hula hoop. If you’ve hula’d once but can hula no more, lift the hoop above your head and hula with your arms…





If you have a deflated swiss ball, might I suggest you inflate it and sit on it as you work on your computer or watching TV for 10 minutes? If your weights are handily located, you could use them while you squat or to reach behind your back or to bend and straighten your elbows. Remember it is not how long you do it but that you do it in the first place.

Recently while on a picnic, I invited my lovely Mum to join us in a game of frisbee. “Thank you darling but you play without me. I can’t throw a frisbee anymore…!” she chirped without a second thought. So I handed her the frisbee and ran while cheering her on to throw it my way. She did too and what a cracking throw it was and the next one and the next. She could catch too, as well in fact as she could throw.

The moral: don’t assume your wild and free days of throwing and catching, dancing and hula hooping are over. EVER.

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6 Responses to July Blog 2018 Use the unused fitness equipment you own!

  1. Kate Glennane says:

    Brilliant Rachel! After gardening this morning I will get the skipping rope out and relearn the art of skipping before my five year granddaughter comes to stay with us next week.

    We also have a football, swimming and a little hill walking to do with her. What fun.

    • Rachel Kili says:

      Hi Kate, all your plans sound perfect. Enjoy! Your granddaughter will be thrilled to have such a dynamic granny!

      Rachel x

  2. Agnes says:

    Just about to embark on training for a walking holiday….home gym a great idea!

    • Rachel Kili says:

      Hello Agnes, thank you for your feedback and I am so pleased the home gym idea is appealing. Enjoy your walking holiday at the end of all your training.

      Rachel x

  3. Helen Morrison says:

    Brilliant!! Cycling to the hairdresser later(bike has been comfortably garaged for a good couple of years now) and then I will take the old no.7 iron out of the shed and try a few swings with that .Will also join Kate in a skipping challenge.As she said,we must be in trim for the visit of her very energetic granddaughter next week!!!!!!!!

    Any advice for exercises to help relieve shingles pain? Five weeks in now and much improved but I still have nerve pain inside my shoulder joint and top part of my left arm.The virus really knocked me out but hoping it is almost beaten now.

    • Rachel Kili says:

      Wow Helen, very impressed about you getting your bike out as well as the old iron! Build up gently given you are recovering from shingles. I will message you directly with the question you have asked regarding recovering from shingles.

      Best wishes
      Rachel x

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