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July blog 2019 Let’s Move it! Move it!

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“Schooooools out for summer…” 

So here we are in the middle of the summer regardless of whether the weather is our friend or not!  Here are some of my current favourite exercises to keep our bodily parts more limber and lithe.

Give them a go to uncover possible imbalances between your left and right sides and to compare any disproportion between your arm and leg strength and flexibility.

Thigh and buttock strengthening

Squat down by moving bum backwards

Move one leg out to the side and back in

Alternate legs

Feel work in thighs and buttocks

Relax shoulders, breathe!


Buttock, calf, shoulder and arm exercise

Place one leg forwards of the other

Keep back knee straight, lean into front knee

Stretch rear calf

Lengthen spine, squeeze bum

Swing arms back, forwards and over head slowly

Relax shoulders, breathe!


Buttocks for Britain!

Lie on your tum

Place hands just in front of shoulders

Clench buttocks

Raise upper body up and hold

Relax shoulders, breathe!

Bum and arm strengthening

From your hands and knees 

Move one leg sideways, slowly lift and lower

Keep supporting thigh perpendicular to floor

Slowly raise and lower opposite arm

Shoulders away from ears, breathe!


Have fun with the suggestions that are here. Don’t feel down hearted if you find them unduly hard or challenging. Embrace the fact that you still have the will to want to invest in your body and celebrate the fact that you are trying out something new or different to your usual activities.

Take your time to improve in terms of number of repetitions or how long you can hold a position. Rushing or forcing yourself to do more than you are ready for, is the enemy of balanced health. Pacing yourself and listening to your body will reap the rewards in the long term.

So here’s to a long summer of consistent well placed opportunities of healthy investments in preparation for the autumn term! Enjoy!



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