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June Blog 2020 How much are you REALLY investing in your health?

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We are here in June, six months into our year. A year that so far, could never have been predicted to be the one that it has been.  Regardless of how you envisaged investing in your health during 2020, there will be few who will have successfully side stepped this curve ball, unaffected by the COVID-19 new world order and the impact it has had on your headspace or ‘bodyspace’. 

Some of you may have found different ways of moving and investing and gaining positively to this new way of living and it is this that I wish to focus on. That is not to make light or belittle the devastation and difficulties that many have faced but more to celebrate that not every aspect of everyone’s life has necessarily been catastrophic.

One of the huge wins for me personally by virtue of the enforced lockdown, has been the reduction in time I have spent sitting. Driving and various administrative activities at my computer, came to an abrupt halt. Having remodelled my business model and moved Rachel Kili Physiotherapy Online, I was then able to use this additional time very differently.

This included: heavy manual activities in the garden, homeschool PE sessions with my daughter, more regular family walks/runs AND thanks to a tip off from one of you lovely people, ballet for beginners with the Rambert School of Ballet on YouTube.

Lots and lots of moving in many MANY different directions, using all aspects of my body in terms of flexibility, coordination, strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness. 

How marvellous you may be thinking, lucky you! If so please think again and be under no illusion that all this new activity and use of my body came either naturally or easily or indeed without consequences for my mind and body.  What I thought was perfectly within reach of my body’s capacity, far far FAR exceeded reality. To say I have felt drained, muscle sore and DESPONDENT on realising my limitations, has to be the understatement of the year. What came clear and deafening loud was that I was only as fit and as strong as my pre COVID-19 living supported.

Turns out, that was not as fit and as strong as I believed I was. 

Reality check kicked in and this is what I told myself:

“Rach, Rach, Rach get over your pity party. Yes you are not as fit and strong as you thought, and yes, you are sore, weary and fed up. BUT you are now fully aware and have the opportunity to turn this around. So girl, keep on keeping on but this time, with your sensible big girl pants on. You don’t have to do the full hour ballet class in one go, nor the PE sessions at the pace of your 41 years younger offspring, you can walk / run on the days you don’t ballet away or PE to be.  The garden can wait when it needs to wait for your reserves to be replenished and your psyche to be stilled. So love; live, laugh, learn.”

That’s me told.

So my message to you all is this:

Just how fit and strong are you and how do you know what you think you know?

What new activities, lifestyle choices or groovy moves have you recently embraced?

When was the last time you totted up IN DETAIL how much you are in a seat?

On starting something new, what is your strategy for pacing and planning to monitor your body’s response?

How will you measure your progress and what will success look like for you?

My advice my friends, is to never give up on yourself. Be constantly aware of exactly how you are investing in your health and exactly what aspect of your health you are investing in. Ask yourself how you can prove this to yourself and be as objective as you can. No positive change however small, is insignificant. What is small to one person is life enhancing for another. Be realistic but dare to dream, taking on your aspirations with small (possibly tiny) considered steps while wearing your sensible big girl pants.

So get thinking and start to plot and to plan if you haven’t already, and let me know what’s on that list!

None of us are duffers or no hopers, but neither are we invincible superheros. Not even me…


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