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March 2016 No Time like the present!

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stand tallI am getting straight to the point this month.

No softly softly winning you over this month, it’s all about, ‘just do it’.

No point bemoaning the years of ignoring your body, using lack of time, aches and pains, nowhere to exercise or it’s too cold, too hot, too late, too early as an excuse.

I’ve heard it all and I’ve thought it all too…

Telling yourself you’ll do it tomorrow is a complete waste of neural transmission. You might as well be honest with yourself, given tomorrow is an elusive fantasy.

Like the bulbs and the buds and the leaf shoots that are forging ahead as I write, they all come up straight and strong, reaching for the light regardless of the chaos around them. Even if in previous years they didn’t win the Chelsea Gold, each year they give it another go. They speak of hope and of never giving up.

Be those shoots. Be strong, be straight and just keep going.

My Stick men have fought their way to the front of my mind in droves this month and what a merry band of merry makers they make.

Introducing Stickman One inspiring us with his full body lengthening stretch

Overhead stretch (2)

This flexible stretch can be used day or night, wherever you are, no additional attire or conditions required. Just do it!

Equal weight over your feet, palms touching above your head

Lengthen the back of your head away from you tail bone

Drop your shoulders and breathe!




Stickman Two is on a mission to help stretch out the base of your spine

pelvic tilt prone stand (3)Remarkably easy to do leaning on your work top, over a sink or on your hands and knees. Squeeze your bum and tuck your tailbone underneath you, then stick your bum out, big and proud…

Keep your shoulders relaxed away from your ears and breathe!


Stickman Three is going for gold on the starting blocks where balance and wrist flexibility is all the rage

arm and leg raise (2)Start with both your hands and knees positioned directly over your shoulders and hips. Keep your shoulders away from your ears. Raise one arm or one leg and if your are able, raise your diagonally opposite leg or arm and breathe!



Stickman Four is loving a tight and toned midriff

side reach stretch (2)

Stand tall, weight over the arches of your feet, back of your head lengthened to the stars, shoulders dropped

Reach as far as you can left, then right but keep your weight equally balanced over your feet so your hips don’t sway (it’s NOT the Hula dance however much you want it to be).





Stickman Five and it’s all about the arms and tum

table plank (2)

Place your hands on the work top, shoulders dropped

Lean forwards onto your toes, elbows slightly bent until you feel your tum tighten and your upper arms working.





Well my friends I hope you are now settling yourselves back on your chair having made me proud from all the stretching you have just done. Super duper if that’s the case.

I have literally just done them all and feel invigorated, and quite frankly, rather chuffed with myself.

Well done me, I ‘just did it’.



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4 Responses to March 2016 No Time like the present!

  1. Fabulous! Just had my morning coffee and copied the stick men….feeling good! x

    • Rachel Kili says:

      Hello Kath, can’t beat a coffee with a stickman for feeling good. However, at the end of the day it all comes down to you and you ‘just did it’. Welldone you!
      Rachel x

  2. Liz cowburn says:

    I’m doing it! I’m doing it! Oh boy, I don’t half need to keep on doing it! Thank you as always, Liz xx

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