Confidently move without pain.

Be free to live life to the full again, today!

Live life without pain

One to One

Be heard, to move and feel like you used to.

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Simply Move!™ Online

Get back to living your life, in your own time and space.

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Classes In Person and Virtual

Confidence with your whole body moving away from pain.

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Physiotherapy Through Movement

One to One

one to one
My Services

Giving you time to be listened to, time to be heard and be treated as a whole person. I’m gentle but effective and with me, it’s not going to hurt. My hands on, movement based approach will restore your health and make the most of the body you’re in.

Simply Move!™​ Online

simply move
Believe in your body again

~ Believe in your body again. Move with ease and confidence as you’re naturally designed, away from pain, recurring injury and stiffness. 


~ Simply Move!™ is Physiotherapy led movement as you’re naturally designed, to live in tune with your body, restoring strength, flexibility and resilience.


~ It’s the culmination of all my expertise specialising in human movement, gained from studying human evolution, my Master’s degree in Sport Science and leadership in the NHS. 


~ However, it’s the 1000’s of people I’ve observed, listened to and worked with that underpins my Simply Move!™ programme.


~ All areas of your body in 8 videos. 


~ Self-Guided. Practical. Progressive.


Classes In Person and Virtual

Meet Isabel to hear what she has gained from my classes.

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Simply Move

Simply Fit!

Improve and maintain cardiovascular fitness, strength and dexterity in your body’s ability. Learn to move with confidence and ease as you’re naturally designed, away from pain and stiffness. With efficient postural alignment of your foot placement, spine and limbs along with effective breath work, you’ll flow freely with every move you make. 


It is a small group based programme for people who have a reasonable baseline of cardiovascular fitness and strength. Simply Fit! is tailored to your individual needs and any specific abilities you wish to develop. It’s a whole lot of fun and run outside in the South Shropshire countryside using props, terrain and inspiration from the natural world. 


Since Simply Fit! moved to the great outdoors, this has without doubt, become one of the highlights of my week! So whatever your starting point, if you’d like to make the most of your life with the body you’re in, come and join me on a Monday afternoon! You would be very welcome and remember, it’s never too late to be Simply Fit!


Monday classes 2 – 3pm

Walk confidently on steep, uneven, slippery paths:

Walk confidently on rough slippery paths

Enjoy the great outdoors with better balance, dexterity and flexibility

Simply Move

Simply Move!™

With me and the support of others, regain confidence and belief in your body again. The programme focuses on your balance, flexibility and core strength. You’ll be fitter and stronger by reconnecting mind and body, tuning into the rhythm of your body to move more intuitively, safely and effectively.


Prior to starting the course, a one to one appointment with me ensures YOUR particular needs are catered for in the Simply Move!programme. You can then gain as much as possible from every session.  


Many choose to use Simply Move!™ as their weekly exercise commitment and enrol on subsequent courses. With each course the exercises and movements vary but the underlying principles of improving posture, ease of movement, strength and flexibility remain at the heart of every programme.


Make Simply Move!™ part of your life. Make the most of the body you’re in, to do more of what you want for longer!


Monday classes 12.30 – 1.30pm virtual via Zoom

Thursday classes 2-3pm in person in Shrewsbury

Simply Move

If you're not sure what would suit you best or where to start, please get in touch and I will happily help you with this.

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