No more feeling tired, stiff and sore.

What are you asking of your body?


It’s possible you’re inadvertently sabotaging your body’s ability to move and feel to live the life you want. Should you choose to listen, your body is telling you what it needs from you. In return your body responds to how you use it, fuel it, move it.


It’s like your bank balance. Repeatedly withdrawing without replenishing, creates unsustainable negative equity. It’s the same with your body. Are you expecting your body to ‘just get on with it’ without considering if your mind, body and soul:

1) has the necessary reserves of strength, flexibility or balance


2) the appropriate resources of energy, headspace or inclination?


What’s the story you tell your body?

~ No pain no gain

~ Stop being so pathetic and weak

~ Come on, get on with it

~ I haven’t got time for this?


Or maybe you simply haven’t considered what your whole body needs from you. To live more of the life you want with the body you’re in, your body needs the same respect, kindness and gratitude you’d show your best friend.


Indulge me for a moment.


In this life, your body IS YOUR BEST FRIEND. Unless your best friend can move and feel like you want it to, there is no life.

Restore and rejuvenate Mind body and soul

Why am I so tired, stiff and sore?

Ignoring or punishing your body instead of valuing and treasuring it, is not the answer for moving with ease and confidence. You body doesn’t have an endless supply of reserves. For an active, exciting and fulfilled life, repeatedly draining exhausting and depleting it, is not the way.


Consider human evolution for a moment.

Replenishment of energy reserves, was and is paramount to our survival. For 300,000+ years, humanity’s evolution in the absence of on tap food supplies, (no shops or freezers) was dependent on minimising wasted energy expenditure. Efficient and effective movement was simultaneously balanced with self care, AKA rest and recuperation. We lay down to rest (no slouchy chairs or sofas) and worked to daylight hours (no 24 hour electricity, internet or TV).


This balance of self care is much the same for our world class athletes today. They cannot afford to lose a hundredth of a second to their competitor through inefficiency, ineffectiveness or fatigue.


It maybe true that you nor I perform to the same level as Olympic champions. HOWEVER, the nuts and bolts of our physiological movements are the same as theirs!

Something to share with your grandchildren when the time comes…

Walk with confidence, purpose and poise

Rest and Recovery

These remarkable athletes of course have finally tuned training and nutritional programmes, maximising their peak physiological capabilities. However, what they have in common with your ancestors pre industrialisation is enforced self care, high performance movement, balanced with recovery time. For athletes it’s simply an integral component of training. For your predecessors, it was simply survival and the number of day light hours.


Even in a modern world, you can tune into what it is to be human. Reconnect with yourself through the power of nature in tune with your senses. Take a moment through the link below:

Rewrite the Story in Your Head

Giving your body the same opportunity to thrive, gives you greater opportunity to fill your life with what you want. When demand outstrips capacity reserves are drained. Your body is then vulnerable to strain, resulting in pain, stiffness and fatigue.


To recognise what is happening to your body, take a moment throughout your day to stop and listen. Tune into your body, connect with how it feels and what it’s telling you it needs. 


Be more human.

Learn to move as you’re naturally designed and regularly restore and rejuvenate mind, body and soul. Respond with kindness, respect and gratitude, not frustration, anger or indifference.

Consciously and repeatedly

~ Breathe

~ Lengthen and open your body

~ Move with your body


Be Your Best Friend

Treat your body like your best friend

Rewrite the story you’re telling your body. Treat it as you would your best friend and how you would want your best friend, to treat you. When you catch yourself defaulting to being mean, impatient and unfair again, breathe out and begin again. Over and over. Start right now. Place your hand across your chest and breathe out.

Say out loud ‘You are my very best friend and I’m here for you, in every way you need’.


Powerful stuff.


If however, you feel lost in knowing how to be and feel more human, I’m here for you. All these elements I’ve mentioned underpin my Physiotherapy through movement, Simply Move!™ approach.


Do get in touch. With just one click, one phone call or one email, I’m here to help you. I’ll show you how to live more of the life you want, by reconnecting you, with you.


Or maybe you just wish to get to know me a little bit better. If so, sign up below for my regular tips and inspiration, straight to your inbox. Whatever you do, remember:

Change is possible and hope is real. 

Confidently move without pain and stiffness, for more of the life you want. 

Physiotherapy through movement

Founded in human evolution

Connect with how you align, breathe and move your whole body, in everything you do.  

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