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November 2016: Time to stretch

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Keep straightening up, shoulders down and breathe deeply.The chill has set in and I can feel my shoulders creeping towards my ears for a cosy up while my spine slumps down to crowd around my hips. The chances are if mine are doing it, so are yours.

In swift response to this, I thought I would share my current favourite stretches to combat, what I think we should term the ‘November chilly body pose’.

This is not attractive or helpful in any way so let’s snap out of it before it becomes the seasonal habit. It’s an insidious creep you may not have noticed until you come to correct it.

My army of stickmen have demanded an autumnal performance. This seasonal performance includes a subtle arrow twist. The arrows are intended to show the direction of movement for each exercise.

So here goes.

stand-tall against the cold and drop shoulders

Stand as tall as you can by drawing the back of your head upwards (chin tucked in).

Stretch your arms through to your finger tips down towards your feet.




Straighten your back against the coldStand with one leg further forward than the other and bend your knee.

Draw the back of your head away from your tail bone.

Drop your shoulders and reach your arms behind you with your elbows straight. Alternate your leading leg.



squat and strenghthen your core against the coldSquat slowly.

Lean forwards slightly and draw the back of your head away from your tail bone.

Drop your shoulders and reach your arms forwards and then behind you with your elbows straight.



strengthen your core to protect you from the coldLie on your tum, forehead supported on a rolled towel, palms facing your hips and squeeze your bum.

Draw the back of your head away from your tail bone, slowly bring your arms sideswards as far as is comfortable. Keep your bum squeezed and spine lengthened.


core strong coldLie on your back with both legs up (or one at a time if two legs raised feels too much of a strain).

Place your knees together and move your feet apart.

Then touch your feet together as your knees move apart.



strong core to protect from the coldOn your hands and knees, raise one arm out to the side.

To protect your neck follow your hand with your head.

Swap to the other arm. Keep your bum squeezed.



Keep straightening up, shoulders down and breathe deeply.As you step out into the bracing air, take the time to stop and stare.

Walk tall, hold your head high, keep your shoulders back and down.

Breathe deeply embrace the chill and clear the cobwebs from both inside and out…

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6 Responses to November 2016: Time to stretch

  1. Helen says:

    Fab!! I have been walking a lot this last week because it is cold,bright and bracing. I’m lucky enough to step out of my front door and walk along the harbour side. Migrating birds feed on the shoreline and terns swoop thro’ the air. Last night we counted five herons flying away from their feeding stations on their way home to roost. Every time I straighten my back and lift my head I think of you!! Haha what an effect your words of wisdom have. Thank you again.

    • Rachel Kili says:

      Hello Helen, how wonderful to have such fabulous surroundings to enjoy while you keep yourself fitter and healthier as the seasons pass. Rachel

  2. Elly Land says:

    Thanks Rachel. These are just the gentle reminder I need. Will try them tomorrow………..*sneaks off to bed with hot water bottle tucked under arm*

    • Rachel Kili says:

      Hello Elly, it is good to know that my stickmen are proving useful! It’s all a balance of exercising for health and resting for health. It sounds like you have the balance right. Well done you. Rachel

  3. Marilyn anderson says:

    Thank you Rachel for all your wonderful words of encouragement.
    Merry Christmas and have a fab new year.

    • Rachel Kili says:

      Dear Marilyn, I am encouraging because there is much to be encouraging about, if you look in the right place. Wishing you a lovely Christmas too.

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