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November Back stretches

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Painfree back with exerciseThe November chill is upon us and with it the inevitable responsive hunching of our bodies. This repeated reflex results in stiffer joints and tighter muscles putting us more at risk of strain and injury.

Conversely if we are proactive and repeatedly lengthen our spines and stretch our bodies for a few moments through the day, we top up the reserves of the protective mechanisms reducing the risks of strain and injury.

Make this month the one where you focus your attention on the difference you can make to how your body feels, with these strengthening corrective postures.

If you are not used to doing such activities, start with one or two, hold at the point where you feel comfortably challenged (NEVER pushing into pain or discomfort), for a count of five (a slow count of five mind…) and breathe OUT as you move into position and then keep on breathing. No busting a gut or feeling your head or chest is about to pop. It’s not boot camp or a military parade. It’s about feeling good about yourself because while living your normal life you have improved your body with dynamic and effective efficiency.

Spinal roll ups

Spinal, back stretchLie on your back and gently press lower spine into the floor and lift your bum

Return your spine back to the starting position, one vertebrae at a time, depressing your breast bone first

Repeat, each time lifting your bum a little higher until you reach a point where you can’t raise your hips any higher

Once your bum is as high as is comfortable, raise your arms, then lower your body as before, then bring your arms back to your sides


Spinal roll downs

flex lower back safelyTuck your chin on your chest, clench buttocks

Keeping forearms on your thighs, slide arms down legs to knees

Keeping butttocks clenched, slide forearms back up thighs and stand to full height



Squatting side reaches

squat, back. stretch

Loosen up by performing a few gentle squats

Slowly squat down as far as you feel comfortable

Place either hand (or forearm) on one thigh and bend body to that side and reach opposite arm upwards

Feel the stretch in your sides

Hold and breathe


Spinal rotations

safely rotate spine to length backBend one knee and place arm from same side behind you

Place opposite arm or hand on the outside of bent knee

Gently rotate body towards bent knee to look behind you

Hold and breathe



Leg lifting spinal stretches

hip extension to lengthen spineStart on your hands and knees, move onto toes and hands

Move bottom towards heels

Slowly raise one leg upwards keeping knee straight

Hold and breathe



Hands and knees spinal rotations

healthy strong back wiht exerciseFrom hands and knees reach one arm between opposite arm and leg

If able place back of arm on the floor

And guess what? Hold and breathe!



Enjoy the rolling and the rotating and the stretching and the strengthening. Pick a dedicated time of day to do one or two or pick them all and think about the benefits of moving a little bit more than you might otherwise had you not opened this link.

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4 Responses to November Back stretches

  1. Helen R Morrison says:

    Brilliant. How did you know I have a sore back?

    • Rachel Kili says:

      Haha!! My hidden talents are emerging Helen! Hope the exercises and advice help your sore back. If not please get in touch and we can discuss your specifc problems in more detail.
      Best wishes

  2. Kath Reynolds says:

    I love your stick men! They have inspired me to go to yoga this morning and do these movements again and again. X

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