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October Blog 2018 Be ready for the change in season!

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stretch and strengthen as the seasons changeThe sea change with summer morphing to autumn is upon us. I am mentally refreshed from the summer break but a little sluggish with the old physical jerks due to the disruption of my usual routine. It’s getting the balance right that can be so challenging.

Sometimes we get it just right with how much movement and exercise and activity our bodies need and then at other times, just more wrong than right.

So this month I’m sharing my ‘get back to it exercises’ in readiness for the season of misty mornings ahead.

Firstly think which parts of your body you have moved the most recently? Have you been walking, cycling swimming, sitting, gardening, playing golf or tennis? Have you been doing more activity, less activity or just different types, than you usually do? Unless you consider exactly what you have asked of your body you are not in a position to reflect on the neglected areas or the over worked areas, with any degree of accuracy. So take a moment now. Think about all the movements with tasks and activities included not just those relating to specific exercises or familiar activities.

Once you have your list of jobs and which parts of your body they worked and neglected, then you can start to fill the gaps with what your body now needs. If you have been bending and reaching forwards a lot, you need to straighten up and reach backwards, a lot. If you have been sitting more, you need to be introducing a regular walking slot in your day. Not hours of it, just a few minutes in a lunch break, parking at the far end of a car park, in the evening after a busy but sedentary day.

Here are some cherry picked stretching exercises to work the whole of your body as a starter for ten.

Knee Rolls

Knee rolls for a healthy spineLie on  your back

Ankles and knees together. Roll legs side to side

Turn head away from knees



Arm Swing Squats


arm swings for a healthy body and shouldersSquat keeping toes down. Feel fronts of thighs engage

Draw the back of your neck away from you spine

Swing arms backwards and forwards


Whole body workout


total body exercise to stretch and work out


Turn feet in same direction

Turn hips away from bent knee

Bend one knee and reach body towards this bent knee



Arm Circles

Arm exercises whole body strengthening and stretching

Stand with one leg in front of the other

Circle arms while rotating your body from your waist

Change your leading leg






I hope you have some fun with these exercises and any others these might prompt you to do. Think of the changes that the weather and change in season bring to your life and your lifestyle. This all impacts on your body and being ready or at least aware, works in your favour. Forewarned is forearmed so make hast in preparing for a tactical advantage this autumn.

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2 Responses to October Blog 2018 Be ready for the change in season!

  1. Helen R Morrison says:

    Thank you,as always, for taking the time and trouble to produce this blog.You have hit the mark yet again!!!

    • Rachel Kili says:

      Hello Helen
      I am so glad that my blogs are continuing to work well for you. I really appreciate your kind words.


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