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October blog 2019 Move your body three dimensionally!

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We are three dimensional dynamically diverse beings. However, our western culture is mutating us into repetitive two dimensional chair-shaped inerts.

You may defensively mutter at your screen that you walk, you cycle, you potter, you garden, you stretch, you run and ride horses.

And yes you may well do all these things (or not) but when you do many of these activities, essentially your body, hips and arms mainly flex and bend forwards and backwards with the occasional outward reach, much as you do when you sit.

If you dance, zumba, play tennis, swim, climb and practice yoga or any martial arts THEN YOU WILL be moving more three dimensionally, as we were designed to do.


Move three dimensionally stretch up onto toes


When was the last time you stretched up onto your toes with your arms and fingers spread wide above your head and your spine lengthened to its full height?





move three dimensionally reach arms backwards


When did you last reach behind your back or down by your ankles?






Move three dimensionally


When were you last lifting one leg as far behind you or as far out to the side as is possible to go?






Move three dimensionally crouch in a ball


When did you last curl up into a ball whether crouching down low or knees tucked to your chest lying on your back?




All these movements and positions are part of our design specification. Doing them helps to ensure we are as healthy, both mentally and physically, to maintain the future succession of the human race. If we lived in a place where we walked everywhere on surfaces that were strewn with obstacles to climb over, side step or duck under and had to carry push or pull heavy items for short spells but on a regular basis, or where it was unavoidable to repeatedly raise our arms above our heads to reach for essential tasks, THEN you could rightly describe yourself as a three dimensional dynamically diverse being.

So, ask yourself how much of a three dimensional being you really are.Try out these positions and moves as my trusty stickmen are suggesting. If you feel pain, restriction or weakness when you attempt to move your limbs up out and behind you, start gently. Move in a small range that feels manageable and under your control, however limited that may appear.

A small start with one new movement introduced once a week will help to reap rewards for your physical and mental health for the long term. It’s a step in the right direction and each step moves you closer to your body being more of what it was designed to be.



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2 Responses to October blog 2019 Move your body three dimensionally!

  1. Helen R Morrison says:

    Always good to read your blog and have a go at doing the exercises.Hope you had a great summer.

    • Rachel Kili says:

      Hello Helen, thank you for your feedback about my blog and excellent to hear that they inspire you to try different exercises. I had a lovely summer and hope that was the same for you. Rachel

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