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October – Reconnect mind and body

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Teach your body to flowIt’s been many months since I last wrote, to share my thoughts and insights. This morning, as I began to focus on writing to you, I was asking myself why it had been so long since I’d put finger tips to keyboard? As I pondered, it turns out there are many reasons, complex and perhaps to the outside world, inconsequential but to me, less so. I came to wonder, whether you, my faithful readers also had your own complex and perhaps to the outside world, inconsequential reasons for matters, specific to your own lives, that have incurred the pause button effect.

This year has for most people, been like no other. The year has forced us to turn our attention to different aspects of our lives which we never thought we needed to attend to, or thought we could avoid ever needing to attend to, or indeed the realisation there are other worlds of exploration we never knew existed until now, totally worthy of our attention.

Looking back over the last few months, I realise that I’ve been lurching (mentally and physically) from one thing to another to keep my business and family life afloat. Quickly and often reactively adapting to new ways of working, thinking, managing children and family life. Little has been untouched by this COVID world. In all this rapid adaptation I see that I was not connecting with myself – mind and body – in a sustainably positive or helpful way. I’d lost my rhythm, my sense of how I flourish best in this new uncertain world.

I’ve begun to change all that by focusing on the one thing that I can influence day in day out which is the way I move and the way I breathe. This simply act brings me back to me, headspace and body alike. It’s not just when I bend or reach or squat as an isolated movement but how I transition from bending down to straightening up to walking back to my desk to sitting down again, for example.

While many people may be as busy and as occupied as ever, they are not necessarily as three dimensionally “dynamic” as once they were. Taking more longer walks or cycle rides as an example is absolutely fantastic and to be encouraged. HOWEVER, it is how you are moving your body for the rest of the time that is AS IMPORTANT. All the frequent getting ourselves to places by foot car bus train or plane whether to work shop socialise explore has dramatically reduced for most of us. While we may exercise more, in between times we are spending more and more time sitting and living through a computers. 

So, if like me you would like to try out a different way to invest in your health throughout your day simply, easily and effectively, see my stickmen people below for a possible suggestion. 


move efficiently








Reach up and over to one side, slowly lower yourself down into a wide squat – palms together

Hands in line with your breast bone and rotate your upper body left and right

Reach up and over to the opposite side. Throughout remember:

Long spine, lower tum muscles engaged with shoulders soft and away from your ears, squeezing your pelvic floor.

SLOWLY repeat this sequence a number of times, thinking  at all times about the flow of your body and your steady softening breathe in and out.

You can of course adapt this to any moves of your own choosing and apply exactly the same principals. In doing so, see for yourself how this simple breath centred transitioning, positively impacts and nurtures how you feel and move your body with – to quote the infamous Sting – every move you make.


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