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Frustrated with the body you’re in because of pain, injury or ill health? I have the solution. Shake up your assumptions on exercise, rehabilitation and fitness. Consider the evolutionary journey of the human race from the perspective of the way our ancestors lived and survived to THRIVE, to be what WE ARE, today.

Do you live YOUR life in the way the human form was DESIGNED TO LIVE? If your life is far removed from that reality this will limit your ability to resolve pain, recovery from injury and restore your health.

With Simply Move!™ you will:

Reconnect your mind and body. 

Understand how you were designed to live and move as an integral part of your life so you can flourish and thrive.

Regain belief in your body for the life you want to live. 


Simply Move!™ is safe to follow on your own.  Its intuitive, logical and progressive approach is specifically designed for you if:   

You live with aches and pains that restrict your life.

Your strength, flexibility and balance is reducing.

You’ve lost confidence you’ll ever be fit and strong again. 

Simply Move!™ includes:

Three months access to a series of videos, covering all aspects of your body. You will learn how to be more in tune with the rhythm of your body and how to move more intuitively, in everything you do, with every move you make.

Don’t give up on your body…

Simply Move!™ is an intuitive and effective programme to build strength, improve flexibility and confidence in your body and your health, from the comfort of your own home. 

You’re in safe hands…

For those of you who have not heard of me before, my name is Rachel Kili and I am a physiotherapist with over thirty years specialising in movement analysis and exercise therapy. I have spent my career observing, listening and treating people whose lives are restricted by pain, weakness and loss of confidence in their ability. For many, these have not been helped with conventional treatment and exercise. In fact in some cases these have made matters worse but here is an opportunity for you to choose a different path.

If you’d like to understand more about my approach first, you can find out here:

Find out more here...

Build strength, flexibility and belief in your body, overcome pain and injury

Hectic device driven lives…

Our lives can be so full, so busy, staring too long at a screen, that we become disconnected from what our body is telling us it needs to nourish and replenish itself. We are repeatedly moving inefficiently and ineffectively due to our all too often movement limited, digitalised, two dimensional lives. It is not until we make the effort to stop and take time to look inwardly, that we recognise just how disconnected our mind and body actually are.

Choose a different path…

The concept of Simply Move!™ is to reconnect your mind and body, to effectively improve and maintain your strength, flexibility, balance control, fitness and confidence in everything you do. It is an opportunity for you to learn how to listen and be kind to your body. To connect and understand your body better, safely and progressively with low impact exercise, corrective movements and controlled breathing techniques. I have specifically chosen them for you to incorporate them into your daily activities, wherever you are, whatever you are doing. This is all achieved at your own pace, in your own time, in the comfort of your own home.

Flourish and thrive…

Take a look here at what to expect from the Simply Move!™ programme. Session one includes an introduction on how to move and view your body through a different lens.

What Simply Move!™ Online includes:
6 sessions each approximately 30 minutes long, covering different areas of your body:

Session 1 Improving your posture by understanding how to stand, sit, walk and perform daily activities correctly.
Session 2 Understand how to strengthen your legs and how this in turn strengthens your whole body.
Session 3 Develop strength and flexibility in your arms to protect your neck, shoulders and back.
Session 4 Learn how to increase flexibility in your hips and knees to reduce pain in your back and legs.
Session 5 Discover how to improve your ankles toes and feet as well as your balance.
Session 6 Protect your back and neck through movement and strength.

Detailed explanations

Every video includes detailed explanations, so you understand exactly:
·      how to move and exercise in a particular way
·      why this is important
·      what happens if you move or hold your body incorrectly.
Modifications are suggested if you have limitations in your ability in addition to progressions when your ability improves.

Time to pause, rewind and repeat

There are regular opportunities for you to pause each video, rewind and repeat the exercises, movements and advice that is discussed. Thinking time and the opportunity to reflect on the information you are learning about is built into every video. This is to enable you to reflect on how you can relate the information to your own body. Your body is unique and recognising what is relevant to you in terms of improving your strength, flexibility and confidence, safely, intuitively and effectively is integral to the Simply Move!™ programme.

Warm ups and Cool downs

Each of the 6 sessions is preceded with a user friendly and practical warm up and completed with a relaxation focused cool down. The cool down includes detailed explanations for breathing techniques for effective, controlled breathing.


Your Future Health

The end of the programme is really the beginning. The beginning of a newfound self-awareness, enabling you to listen, understand and respond to the rhythm of your mind and body and what it is saying, as you travel through your day. Achieving this mindset shift is not easy on your own but through the videos, I am with you every step of the way. I will be encouraging and guiding you to see yourself through fresh eyes, empowering you to reconnect and feel more confident and comfortable in your own body, to live your life more fully.

If my tried and tested approach is resonating with you and you wish to sign up to Simply Move!™ Online, you will have three months access to the Simply Move!™ Online programme. This gives you time and space to work through all aspects of your body or to focus at targeted areas, safely and comprehensively. This can be played, paused and repeated as many times as you require. Everybody is different and this is reflected in the way the course is laid out.
So if this sounds what you are looking for, you can sign up below.

To have a greater understanding of the Simply Move!™ concept, watch session one to see how the programme will work for you.

However, if you wish to ask me more about the Simply Move!™ Online programme and how it could help you and your body, can reach me here:

Don’t just take my word for it, take a peek at some of the feedback if you wish to hear what others have said about Simply Move!™ Online:

“Your impact on my life has been life changing and I feel stronger and healthier now than I have done for years…where would we be without you?!” V. Podmore

“I feel that I am being taught by someone who “knows what they’re talking about”. Competency and expertise are in these videos and I feel that I am in good hands. Warmth and interest by you in the participant, is obvious. You tell me why the focus is on a particular part of the body e.g. arms and why it’s important that they are strong. Listening to the explanation, I am inspired to give it a go. I gain so much more when I do an exercise while following you. You are a wonderful teacher Rachel, perfect combination of expertise and empathy. It needs both and you have nailed it!” S. Young

“Simply Move! Online has been inspiring, just what we needed, especially in these testing times. I have found the videos invaluable as I have been able to succeed at my own pace. So good to be able to pause and also to go back over certain exercises in my own time. The instructions are very clear and it’s great to be able to see you demonstrate each move. The comments are always informative and encouraging.” S. Brassington

“Thanks for all your wise advice. You always inspire us to help our bodies (and minds!) become better in a positive and achievable way.”   S. Williams

“The pace and structure of each video is spot on. The exercises are easy to follow and delivered informatively with clear instructions. You made the exercises very accessible and this, along with your engaging approach, made me feel as though you were in the room with me. ” J. D’Souza

“Repetition is helping me to get better acquainted with the movements and things I need to remember and my awareness of my body. I feel a connection that we are now doing this activity together. It’s not a competition and no one else is watching. The warm up helps me not only to prepare my body, but to temporarily calm my busy mind and push aside ‘the stuff’ that is normally swirling around in my head. A little mental holiday. I’m thinking… be calm…observe…think…listen…observe your body from outside and within… now take this experience forward into your day and keep it with you throughout the day. It’s ok to forget sometimes……(Rachel does and she says it’s OK!).” S. Draper