Move as you’re naturally designed

Strong. Flexible. Confident.

Physiotherapy led movement for life without pain. Founded in human evolution. 


Live in tune with your body, restore what it needs for the life you want.
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Stiffness, niggles and pain

Is the way your body moves and feels limiting your ability to live life to the full? Do you feel disconnected from your body and found gym workouts, exercise classes or health practitioners unsuccessful, inconvenient, unappealing or even painful? 


I hear you.


Welcome to Simply Move!

A Physiotherapy led movement programme for life without pain. Using a series of easy to follow videos with detailed explanations, it gives you the tools you need to confidently move as you’re naturally designed. Anytime. Anywhere.

Shake up your assumptions on how you’re designed to thrive. It’s not about finding more time or which ‘exercise’ you choose but the way you breathe, hold and move your whole body, in everything you do, that counts.


Move as you’re naturally designed

During my 30 plus years practicing as a Physiotherapist I’ve helped 1000’s of people live more of the life they love. Moving as you’re naturally designed enables you to make the most of the body you’re in. You’re free to fully engage and enjoy family, work, LIFE.


Underpinning my practice is: 

~ Movement of the whole body from my Physiotherapy training

~ The science of movement through my MSc in Sport Science

~ Human evolution demonstrating how you are designed to thrive through movement, in everything you do.


What’s exciting and has resonated with my clients is our evolutionary journey. Our ancestors didn’t have to find time or look for ways to exercise, to be strong, lithe and dextrous. The way they moved to survive, made it happen. They lived with their body. They didn’t have to force exercise on their body and you can do the same.

Introducing Simply Move!™ online course

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Come and meet Jenny!

Hear how Simply Move!™ has transformed her life

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You’re in safe hands

Simply Move!™ is a comprehensive programme highlighting my key principles of success, from my years of experience and training. It’s a convenient, easy to follow, fresh perspective on how to breathe, move and align your whole body. Learn to live in tune with your body to restore strength, flexibility, balance away from pain and stiffness.


It includes:

~ 8 videos covering all areas of your body

~ A warm up and cool down

~ Detailed explanations accompany each 30 minute video

~ Time to pause, rewind and repeat at your own pace

~ All videos and materials immediately available on purchase


Making the most of the programme:

Each video is specifically designed by me to be safe, progressive and practical. There’s the opportunity to ask questions and give feedback in the comments section.


Choose how to use the programme e.g. one area of the body for a week OR follow one video a day each week, returning to each video to suit you.


Who it’s for

Its intuitive, logical and progressive approach is ideal if you’re:   

~ Finding niggles, aches and pains keep arising

~ Losing confidence in your strength, flexibility and balance

~ Proactive in improving your health and preventing future problems arising.


It’s safe to do on your own

It’s an independent means to take back control of your health and body. With a busy schedule and working life, use it in your own time and in your own space. This can be as an alternative or to compliment Physiotherapy appointments with me.


Convinced Simply Move!™ is for you? Sign up here! 


Or maybe you have a question for me? If so, you can reach me here: 

What Simply Move!™ covers

6 sessions, each video approximately 30 minutes. Breathe, align and move as you strengthen, stretch and balance all areas of your body.


Session 1 POSTURE As you stand, sit, walk and move through your day. 

Session 2 LEGS Move and power your whole body.

Session 3 ARMS SHOULDERS ELBOWS AND WRISTS Protect your neck and upper body.

Session 4 HIPS AND KNEES Reduce pain in your back and legs.

Session 5 ANKLES AND TOES Gain supple feet and better balance.

Session 6 BACK AND NECK Freely move with poise and core strength.


Take a peek at the introduction

It includes an extract on standing and walking posture

Everyone is different

Your body is unique. Recognising what’s relevant for your body to move with ease and confidence is integral to the Simply Move!™ programme. This is how strength, flexibility and balance is restored, safely, effectively, for life.


To help you with this, each video includes detailed explanations, so you understand exactly how to:

~ move and exercise as you’re naturally designed 

~ minimise tension and strain on your body

~ breathe and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles

~ modify and progress in line with your ability


Time to tune in

There are regular opportunities to pause each video, rewind and repeat the exercises, movements and advice that is covered. Thinking time and the opportunity to reflect is built into every video. This gives you the opportunity to relate what you’re learning to your own body.


Each of the 6 sessions is preceded with a warm up and completed with a cool down. The cool down includes detailed explanations with breathing techniques to calm, relax and reflect. 


Throughout I encourage and guide you to see yourself through fresh eyes. Your newfound awareness to listen, understand and respond to the rhythm of your body, as you travel through your day, will be yours. Live in tune with your body. Restore what it needs to live life to the full, without pain.


Your body. One lifetime.


Feel free to ask me anything about the Simply Move!™ programme and how it will help YOU confidently move without pain, for the life you want. 

Don’t just take my word for it!
Take a peek at the feedback from those who’ve completed the Simply Move!™ programme.


“Your impact on my life has been life changing and I feel stronger and healthier now than I have done for years…where would we be without you?!” V. Podmore

“I feel that I am being taught by someone who “knows what they’re talking about”. Competency and expertise are in these videos and I feel that I am in good hands. Warmth and interest by you in the participant, is obvious. You tell me why the focus is on a particular part of the body e.g. arms and why it’s important that they are strong. Listening to the explanation, I am inspired to give it a go. I gain so much more when I do an exercise while following you. You are a wonderful teacher Rachel, perfect combination of expertise and empathy. It needs both and you have nailed it!” S. Young

“Simply Move! Online has been inspiring, just what we needed, especially in these testing times. I have found the videos invaluable as I have been able to succeed at my own pace. So good to be able to pause and also to go back over certain exercises in my own time. The instructions are very clear and it’s great to be able to see you demonstrate each move. The comments are always informative and encouraging. S. Brassington

“Thanks for all your wise advice. You always inspire us to help our bodies (and minds!) become better in a positive and achievable way.   S. William

“The pace and structure of each video is spot on. The exercises are easy to follow and delivered informatively with clear instructions. You made the exercises very accessible and this, along with your engaging approach, made me feel as though you were in the room with me. ” J. D’Souza

Repetition is helping me to get better acquainted with the movements and things I need to remember and my awareness of my body. I feel a connection that we are now doing this activity together. It’s not a competition and no one else is watching. The warm up helps me not only to prepare my body, but to temporarily calm my busy mind and push aside ‘the stuff’ that is normally swirling around in my head. A little mental holiday. I’m thinking… be calm…observe…think…listen…observe your body from outside and within… now take this experience forward into your day and keep it with you throughout the day. It’s ok to forget sometimes……(Rachel does and she says it’s OK!).” S. Draper

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