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October Blog 2018 Be ready for the change in season!

The sea change with summer morphing to autumn is upon us. I am mentally refreshed from the summer break but a little sluggish with the old physical jerks due to the disruption of my usual routine. It's getting the balance right that can be so challenging. Sometimes we get it just ...

2 | be ready, exercise, feel invigorated, invest in your health, just do it, little and often, Maintain a healthy lifestyle, mind and body refresh, Motivation for exercise, Prepare your body
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Living with low energy levels

Do you ever catch yourself wondering how it is that there are all these Uberhumans with their healthy looking bodies and their get up and go that hasn’t got up and gone, packing every spare moment with highly energised adventures while you hold your head in your hands and dream ...

2 | Maintaining energy, mind and body refresh, stretch out
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February Blog! Stay motivated to exercise when it’s cold and damp!

Picture the scene. It's grey and wet and cold and miserable outside and it's warm and snug and dry and comfortable right where you are. You know full well you should find some get up and go to clear the cobwebs but you discover your get up and go has ...

2 | Miserable weather, Motivation for exercise, Stay healthy in winter
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October 2016 Dementia: Fight it with exercise

Dementia is without doubt one of the most worrying and horrible diseases of our time. There is no cure and no way out once it starts. The impact on those affected and those who have to then provide the necessary care, is enormous and devastating. Dementia is an umbrella term. ...

0 | Alzheimer's disease, Brain training, cardiovascular exercise, Dementia, exercise, Hope
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July 2016: Arthritis: All is not lost.

The great adage "Old age doesn't come alone" is often quoted with reference to this disease and yes there is some truth in the statement. Arthritis can indeed be a horrible, painful and debilitating condition. However, it doesn't mean we have to give up or give in. There is so ...

6 | Aches and pains, Arthritis, exercise, growing older, Inflamation, joint degeneration, joint pain, Muscle weakness
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October 2015 Returning to Sport and exercise after an injury

ON YOUR MARKS! If you wish to maintain your ability to exercise, to continue your choice of sport or any activity that requires strength and some degree of fitness HEED THE WORDS  OF THIS BLOG!! If you were an Olympian  and you had suffered any injury that could curtail your future ...

0 | exercise, managing acute injuries, pain, Progressing and grading exercise, Returning to exercise after injury, Strains and sprains
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November 2014 Blog – Addressing Weak Knees!

Ahh, November! Remember remember. My focus this month is your knees. Knees are probably one of the commonest areas of the body that people experience problems with either directly or indirectly. Directly because you tell me ‘my knees hurt’, indirectly because time and time again an integral part of rehabilitation, for ...

0 | knee pain, knees, pain, rehabilitation
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One to One

Looking at how your whole body interacts with itself

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Simply Move!

Keeping exercise simple and making looking after yourself easy and fun

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Simply Fit!

Improving your cardiovascular fitness and strength

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