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March 2015 Blog – Solving Back Aches and Pains

We made it! The first month of spring is here and the sun is shining, so my favourite Stickman and I stepped out for a photo shoot to celebrate. Just look at his upright posture, so very apt for this month’s blog on looking after your back; part one!   ...

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February 2015 Blog – Exercises for Wrists and Hands

Hello again one and all. It’s a frosty February but I wish you all a very warm welcome to this month’s blog where your wrists and hands will be under close inspection. Easily ignored and easy to think that because we use them all the time, there is little to ...

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July 2014 Blog – New Beginnings: Take a Tour of the Clinic

It is now the first anniversary since the Middle Farm physiotherapy clinic received its makeover and it seemed a fitting opportunity to celebrate with my new blog! So welcome and thank you for reading. The aim of the blog is to keep you updated with Rachel Kili Physiotherapy while providing ...

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One to One

Looking at how your whole body interacts with itself

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Simply Move!

Keeping exercise simple and making looking after yourself easy and fun

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Simply Fit!

Improving your cardiovascular fitness and strength

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