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June blog 2017 – Balance: How Good is yours?

It's the wind that prompted me to choose this month's topic. Very blowy. As it whipped up a strong gust I could feel myself grounding my body more firmly through my feet and drawing strength from my abdominal muscles to hold myself up. In doing so I wondered how many ...

4 | balance, confidence, strength
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November 2015 There is a jogger in us all! Really.

  Oh I can hear your cogs a-turning as some of you think "this month's not for me then". Aha! Do not be fooled my friends, this applies to everyone who can stand on their own two feet and stride out without an unsteady shuffle in their legs. It doesn't matter about ...

4 | agility, confidence, jogging, running, strength
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One to One

Looking at how your whole body interacts with itself

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Simply Move!

Keeping exercise simple and making looking after yourself easy and fun

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Simply Fit!

Improving your cardiovascular fitness and strength

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