Rachel Kili Physiotherapy takes the care of the service offered to all customers and the holding of their data seriously.  To protect both clients and the Rachel Kili Physiotherapy business, every effort has been made to provide complete clarity and confidence in the policies. With that in mind please read the terms of business below:


On arrival to your appointment, please note there is no waiting area available. Appointments are run promptly as far as is possible, so all clients are politely asked to wait in their car until their scheduled time. Thank you.


Should you need to cancel an appointment for any reason, please contact Rachel Kili Physiotherapy as soon as possible. A 24 hour cancellation policy excluding weekends is operated. Any appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged at the discretion of Rachel Kili Physiotherapy.


1) All payments are to be made via BACS prior to each session with Rachel Kili Physiotherapy. Without advance payment your physiotherapy session, at the discretion of Rachel Kili Physiotherapy, may not continue. At present credit or debit card payments are NOT accepted. 

2) Failure of payment may incur a late payment charge and administrative fees, at the discretion of Rachel Kili Physiotherapy.

3) Failure to settle the balance of any payments may result in subsequent appointments being cancelled.


1) During treatment, it may be requested for items of clothing to be removed (down to underwear) to allow assessments and treatments to work without restriction. For your comfort is it recommended you consider the clothing and underwear you choose to wear for your appointment.

2) During the treatment of a limb (leg or arm), it may be necessary to examine other relevant areas, such as your back, hips and pelvis. Again, for your comfort is it recommended you consider the clothing and underwear you choose to wear for your appointment.

3) If you wish, you may choose to bring a chaperone to be in the room with you throughout your treatment.


On registering with Rachel Kili Physiotherapy for treatment, you will be asked to disclose your full medical history.


Children under the age of 16 must be chaperoned during every appointment. Please note, a consent form and a privacy policy form is required to be signed at the first appointment by a parent, guardian or caregiver (whoever has legal responsibility of the child at that time).


If the costs of the services are being covered by private medical insurance, please note:

1) It is necessary for you as the client to provide Rachel Kili Physiotherapy with the correct insurance information. Failure to do so will hold you liable for the cost of the services.

2) It is your responsibility as the client to ensure your insurance is adequate enough to cover the cost of the treatments. Failure to so will hold you liable for any remaining unpaid fees.

3) Whilst Rachel Kili Physiotherapy will invoice your insurance company directly on your behalf, the responsibility lies with you as the client for the settlement of any invoice. Any decline or delay in the payment of the treatment by your insurance company may result in you being invoiced for settlement.

4) If you fail to attend an appointment, as the client you are responsible for the cost of the missed appointment. Missed appointments are not covered by insurance policies. Payment for this is to be made directly to Rachel Kili Physiotherapy.


Any written medical reports required and or requested by third parties can be provided by Rachel Kili Physiotherapy. These will be charged at a rate of up to £100 per hour.



1) Rachel Kili Physiotherapy conducts itself according to The Data Protection Act 1998, and the GDPR rules during the processing and holding of client data.

2) Clients have the right to access the data held on themselves by Rachel Kili Physiotherapy. Depending on the request, accessing this data may incur an administrative fee of £50. Should you wish to access this information in either electronic or paper format, please email rachel@rachelkiliphysiotherapy.com

3) Rachel Kili Physiotherapy practices strict confidentiality agreements with their clients and their data.

4) For more information, please see the Privacy Policy on https://rachelkiliphysiotherapy.com/privacy-policy/


Should you have any questions at all regarding any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact Rachel Kili Physiotherapy prior to your appointment.