“I never thought that I would take so much pleasure in writing a cheque! Simply Move has helped me not only to regain strength and flexibility lost due to illness, but continues to help me move better than ever before. It is achievable, sustainable and life-affirming. In addition, your encouragement, expert guidance and sense of fun makes the class so enjoyable and something to look forward to! Thank you.” L. Rogers

“By the time of my first consultation with Rachel, my shoulder problem had brought me to a point where I was seriously considering abandoning my sport of archery. Having come to it fairly late in life, I felt pretty low at the thought of saying farewell to the friendships & achievements I had made in the archery community as both competitor & coach. But her ability to identify the source & nature of the problem, and to empathise with what I wanted to achieve, made that hour one of the most significant of my life.

Rachel ensures that each stage of my rehab is worked out to suit my needs & aims as an individual. I have no doubt now that I shall be able to return to archery soon in better shape than I have known for years! And – her classes are intense but great fun, and very effective. I now feel more flexible & better balanced. I walk and hold myself better, and I’m more educated about how my body works, and how to keep it working well for life.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Rachel to anyone.” B. Barrett

“You can tell how much I’ve enjoyed your excellent classes by the way I’ve kept coming back for more! I’ve learnt so much. Gradually my brain keeps reminding my body to do what it should!” L. Cowburn

“For many years my family and I have received physiotherapy from Rachel. I have found her to be exceptional in all areas not only does she have a deep understanding of the mechanisms causing pain and injury but she is able to explain very clearly exercises to treat and prevent harm. She has a special interest in headache and has been able to improve my headache when all other avenues had failed. I can thoroughly recommend her.” Dr P Lucas

“Growing old is similar to being pregnant for the first time, your body goes through changes but you have no way of knowing whether they are normal or not.

When someone had to lever my leg over the back of the saddle so I could slither inelegantly to the ground I thought this is it.  My body won’t do this anymore.  Is this what I should expect in my seventies?  Perhaps I shall have to be content to live a curtailed life, just settle for being a little old lady.  How do you know?

But it was the shoes that finally brought me to your door.  I saw these lovely shoes, but they had laces, I thought no, I need shoes  that I can just slip my feet into so I don’t have to bend down too much.  Ahh!!   So I rang you.

So when I say that you gave me my life back you can see how poised on the brink of geriatric collapse I was.

However, it is not just the exercises, it is also the attitude.  Yes, the exercises convinced me that my body wasn’t finished,   I was astonished how quickly it responded.  Freedom of movement, and confidence, improved after only 2 or 3 sessions with you.   You have also changed my thinking.  Now I walk around with you in my head.  I climb over gates and duck under railings thinking – I can do this, and I better keep doing it, or, if I shirk it, I won’t be able to do it next time – because Rachel says so!

Of course the time will come when I can’t climb over whatever, but please Rachel don’t let me give up too soon.” C. Littlewood

“My back had me curled up on the floor – motionless, I was going nowhere in a hurry until I met Rachel. With her exclusive understanding and working knowledge on the “way to move” she was able to listen, understand and convey to me the way forward to resolving my problem and prevent repercussions. Soon I was back to full capacity and work with the confidence of knowing how to avoid any further exacerbations. My lifestyle was also addressed and changes made to allow me to continue my life as a busy professional and family man. To Rachel I am grateful and wish her all the best in her professional endeavours. I thoroughly recommend her approach to this challenging field of practice.” K. Finnigan