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Simply Move! Online with Rachel Kili Physiotherapy

Have you lost confidence in your body?

Are you in pain and your muscles and joints feel weak and tight?

Are you unsure of a safe effective way to improve your health?

If this is you then Simply Move! Online with Rachel Kili Physiotherapy is here to help!

Rachel Kili has over thirty years of experience in this specialist field of physiotherapy.  She helps restore and maintain strength, flexibility, balance and confidence in your body. This is all proven to significantly improve your health*.

She has specifically designed Simply Move! Online for you to learn how to help and understand your entire body better,safely and progressively, through slow controlled exercise and corrective movements.

Rachel can help you too.

  • Take care of yourself!
  • A stronger, more flexible, confident YOU

Simply Move! Online is unlike any other health and exercise programme.

Simply Move! Online is unlike any other health and exercise programme.

It is not about repetitive prescriptive exercises performed at a set time of day on a mat. It is however a mindset shift, focusing on how you move your body, how you breathe and how you correct your posture throughout your day wherever you are, whatever you are doing. It is a simple but powerful way to improve and maintainyour strength, flexibility, balance control, fitness and confidence for the long term.

It is a uniquely designed six-week programme of videos and advice. This can be played, paused and repeated as many times as you require, at your own pace, in your own time, in the comfort of your own home. You have three months access to Simply Move! Online giving you time and space to work through all aspects of your body or to focus ontargeted areas, safely and effectively.

Take care of yourself and become a stronger, more flexible, confident YOU with Simply Move! Online. Sign up today to live more of the life you want for tomorrow!

If you have any questions for Rachel please get in touch.

Rachel is looking forward to hearing from you and working with you for a happier, healthier more confident YOU.

Take a peek at some of the feedback if you want to hear what others have said about Simply Move! Online:

Your impact on my life has been life changing and I feel stronger and healthier now than I have done for years...where would we be without you?!

V. Podmore

I feel that I am being taught by someone who “knows what they’re talking about”. Competency and expertise are in these videos and I feel that I am in good hands. Warmth and interest by you in the participant, is obvious. You tell me why the focus is on a particular part of the body e.g. arms and why it’s important that they are strong. Listening to the explanation, I am inspired to give it a go. I gain so much more when I do an exercise while following you. You are a wonderful teacher Rachel, perfect combination of expertise and empathy. It needs both and you have nailed it!

S. Young

Thank you, Rachel. You always leave me feeling so much more confident and positive!

A. Eccles

About Rachel:

Rachel qualified as a physiotherapist in 1989 and began her career in the NHS gaining a broad experience in the field of physiotherapy. She worked in a number of large teaching hospitals including Nottingham City Hospital, Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Northern General Hospital Sheffield and the John Radcliffe Hospital Oxford all of which ensured she was under the supervision of many highly skilled physiotherapists and doctors....

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  • Take care of yourself!
  • A stronger, more flexible, confident YOU